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LED lighting - Could use som

Bobby, Architect • 2015

Hello to all the architects here in this forum. I'm starting my own company in the LED lighting industry and I have a few questions for my future business partners :) 1) How much money in your opinion your client would be willing to pay (if at all) for a high-end LE... Read More

1. As much or as little as they want to. 1 More Answer

What is the type of glass th

Bobby, Architect • 2015

I am referring to the opaque glass that he used in his design because I am looking for the name( if it has one in specifically), and I haven't found it.

Pilkington Profilit 1 More Answer


Bobby, Architect • 2015

Hello! I just got accepted at the De Appel Arts Center in Amsterdam, and im looking for a grant to pay my tuition.Anyone help? I would really appreciated....

Should have thought about that before applying. 1 More Answer

Daisy House by Stanley Tiger

Bobby, Architect • 2015

Hi people. I am in desperate need for a floor plan picture of the famous Daisy House designed by po-mo architect Stanley Tigerman. You know, that floor plan, clearly resembling the image of an ejaculating penis! Tx a lot.

could someone please upload a scan or a picture of this floorplan? tx 1 More Answer

the millenial generation sum

Bobby, Architect • 2015

album debuted in 1991 you'd be 24 now, a few years into the work force now. If it doesn't happen on the internet, did it ever happen? Architecture doesn't happen on the internet.

Was this cover photoshopped (phomontaged)? 1 More Answer


Bobby, Architect • 2015

Hello ! Thanks to many opinions I finally decided to study architecture but the problems of choosing a school comes. Though there are a list of accredited program and numbers of rankings that I can refer to, I think it important to know about what exactly the school... Read More

Non Sequitur Sorry for confusing you. I forgot to mention that I am studying in US; I am just wondering if someone can share what is your architecture program like(preferred in US ) so I can find out the program that I may like to go. 1 More Answer

logistic cities

Bobby, Architect • 2015

i'd really appreciate who ever is gonna take form his/her time to answer these questions i did my research and didn't quit understand Q1/what's exactly the meaning of logistic cities and how does logistic process relates to architecture ? Q2/what are the topics i ne... Read More

Do you need our answers to be single-spaced or double-spaced? Citations in MLA or Chicago format? 1 More Answer

Red flags when looking at pu

Bobby, Architect • 2015

What should one look for when purchasing an old home? If the owners have painted all the surfaces, how can you tell if there is underlying damage? What raises red flags in your mind? Is there a simple test to check that plumbing is adequate? What do YOU look for whe... Read More

Visit the house when it's raining and check the attic. Had the good fortune to have this occur by chance while visiting a place that was in the top three on the "To purchase" list. 1 More Answer

Please help

Bobby, Architect • 2015

Hi, I am by no means an architect. With that said, is anyone able to help me in identifying ANY information they can about the house in this image. The closest architectural style i've come across in my research is classical-revival but even then im finding major di... Read More

Doing Business In Dubai

Bobby, Architect • 2015

Good Day Does anyone know the procedure for doing Business in Dubai? Do you need to seal drawings and have them submitted to a governing agency for review? What is the permitting process like? Do engineers and project managers require a work permit? Thanks

Unless you have a penis and are not of a nationality / ethnicity shared with their slaves, I'd refrain from that part of the world. 1 More Answer

Consultant Position Hourly R

Bobby, Architect • 2015

Hi fellow designers & Architects, I am actively searching for employment and have interviewed with a firm in West LA / Culver City. The position calls for an Intermediate Designer Consultant and they request for an hourly rate. A little background about myself,... Read More

So... they're probably going to have you working in their office, 40 hours per week, but not going to pay you benefits because they convinced you to sign a contract as a consultant. Sounds like a sweet deal... 1 More Answer

Project Acquisition Cost

Bobby, Architect • 2015

on Average How much does a firm/architect spend for acquiring projects? These may include events, promotions, newsletters,yellow-pages and online listings, competitions etc. I know it will vary from project to project. But whats a safe ballpark assumption? 2.5%- 5%... Read More

While It seems to vary quite a lot from firm to firm, I have found this 'rule of thumb' to be useful for planning purposes: 1 More Answer

Rant Magazine... "Artist"/De

Bobby, Architect • 2015

unjustifiable? of course. streamlined? even better. cutting? what would life be without it!? Contemporary spy architecture enables the ordinary draftsperson to dream of colorful Istanbul... Modern architects in cozy houses and cramped apartments can experience the e... Read More

Shock Me, I'm enjoying these mashups you're making! 1 More Answer


Bobby, Architect • 2015

Hi, has anyone used TidyWork for their Projects costing system. Its seems quite good and remarkably cheap.

Thanks Bobby, I am looking for its use in a number of medium sized Practices in the UK, the 10- 20 staff range. I will try it out. Joe 1 More Answer

Sex Is The One Big Problem N

Bobby, Architect • 2015

Although I enjoy a good discussion of sex, I will likely still want to see this documentary of microhousing. Microtopia Important to recognize that many cultures traditionally sleep in communal family sleeping rooms yet still manage to procreate. And many big city a... Read More

did the author of this article not live in dorms in college? 1 More Answer

March II - Gre results

Bobby, Architect • 2015

Hello fellow architects! I am applying for March II programs this winter and i got my GRE results today. I would like to know how much does GRE realistically weight at the application. I know that portfolio, letters of recommedations, letter of statement are more im... Read More

Dear rob my research is more than adequate. Average score for gsd march ii was 158v, 157q, 4awa. I am seeking for the inside story here. For your information, sarcasm is the lowest form of wit 1 More Answer


Bobby, Architect • 2015

(apologize, spanish language pop music invaded my household with latin dance moves, and all this white boy is trying to do is watch Ole Miss beat Alabama) Run with it!

if you're watching the game....wtf was that? (Kelly bobbled bad snap, throws in air, bounces, ole miss touchdown) 1 More Answer

one-sided digital interview

Bobby, Architect • 2015

anybody partake in one of these? Pre-recorded video interview questions - respond to your webcam - no human interaction - HR watches your responses later... recruiter no less...

I've never heard of that. I would be wary of participating in such a charade, and even more wary of any firm that would ask me to. 1 More Answer

Therme Vals

Bobby, Architect • 2015

I'm leaving for Europe next week and am planning to finally visit Vals. Have any architecture fans been to the pool lately? I've heard good things, but haven't heard much practical information. Looks like you can book online, but the swimming hours for non hotel gue... Read More

You're going to be soaking in a pool and staring at an impressive mountain. You shouldn't be getting bored. It's a pretty incredible experience. 1 More Answer

Building Products

Why does my Revit program cr

ricky • 2015
D, Landscape Architect

I can't even find where "load family" placed it to even try to place in model. Where did it go? I hope it is not a virus bearing file/ :)

2012 Porsche 911 Carrera S - Car Automobile Vehicle
Building Products

Why are there no download?

Jimm • 2014
Modlar, Modlar Administrator

Hi jimm-m, some of the products in our library just have product information to view or documentation files to download. Others may also have BIM files. You can filter by products with BIM by using the second dropdown in the search bar. You can also view the the BIM library to view all products that have BIM files available. To view the BIM l...

IFP-45 Condensing Fireplace, Condensing Furnace and Heat Recovery Ventilator

I want to design a basement

Don • 2014

i want to design a basement floor plan

Yes! It is me. 1 More Answer


BIM Level 3 and the standard

Matthew • 2014

Could you please help me in completing my Dissertation survey? Its only one question and should take you no longer than a minute, and is completely confidential.I'm very keen to understand the general view of the industry on BIM and the certainty as to how it progre... Read More

can't update uploaded files?

Masterhekwerk G • 2014

Where can i update/edit already uploaded files. Or delete and add. tnx

Scott, Architect

Hi, you can edit them from your brand pages dashboard here: http://www.modlar.com/my-modlar/manage-pages/

how do you use workset in yo

MAY, Architect • 2014

why and any example?

Andrew is correct. but we really need to have more info in order to answer the question correctly... or narrow down the options! 2 More Answers

Uploading content for other

Clair, Architectural Draftsperson • 2014

Am I able to upload something I have made for others to use?

Modlar, Modlar Administrator

You sure can! You can upload contents under 'My BIM Objects' on your profile. Let us know if you help! Thanks.

Building Products

I would like to know if you

maria, Architect • 2014

It will be very useful for my presentations.

Modlar, Modlar Administrator

Hi there, you can insert image into the Revit project and screenshot but it will not be visible when rendering the project unless you insert the Revit models. Thanks.

Premier Solar Hot Water Heaters
Building Products

Where do I find the drawings

Steve, Manufacturer • 2014
Steven, Engineer

http://www.residentialshippingcontainerprimer.com/conceive%20it has CAD drawings & models, general design guidelines, and sample plans.

Locating and downloading .rf

Richard, Urban Designer • 2014

I have used revitcity.com a lot to add objects to my drawings. I would like to use this site in a similar way but it has been confusing to me to try and simply find objects I can add to my drawings in revit. Please help me understand this site better.thanks,TUMBO

Scott, Architect

Hi tumbo, thanks for the feedback, which part did you find difficult? We are releasing an upgraded search engine next week, which will make locating the perfect object a lot easier.

Building Products

I can't open the Revit file,

Peng, Engineer • 2014
Modlar, Modlar Administrator

Run Revit software, select Revit file and open it. Thanks.

Flex Retro Fit Drain
Building Products

How i can download the files

simin, Architect • 2014
James, Architect

Hi, you can click the "Download" button above. Thanks!

High Speed Doors Revit Families
Building Products

Why is the zip file for arch

rajesh, Architect • 2014

After download the unzip gives error, please help.

Modlar, Modlar Administrator

File has been updated. Thanks.

Virage® Light - Single Sconce 697030
BIM/CAD Software

Will the 2013 revit plugin w

Kevin, Architect • 2014
Modlar, Modlar Administrator

We are currently working on our plugin and will have versions for 2013, 2014 and 2015 soon. 1 More Answer

Using Modlar

When will you have an update

Michael, Architect • 2014
Modlar, Modlar Administrator

We are currently working on our add-on tools for ArchiCAD 18 and it will be available soon. 2 More Answers

Building Products

Why are there items that whe

don • 2014
Modlar, Modlar Administrator

There are products listed on our site without BIM files available to download. This product does not have BIM files available, please feel free to send us the request and we will pass it onto the manufacturer for you. Thanks.

Exotica Lacquered Leather Bedside Table with Drawers

Cooling a house without forc

gregco • 2014

I'm working on an expensive custom home that will be built in a high-end neighborhood located in a northwestern state -- meaning there really are only 2-3 warm months (at most) per year. The client intends to use a hydronic radiant in-floor heating system to warm th... Read More

you already had an air handler system for circulation yes? natural venting, what is the orientation you can cause this effect with a passive solar method if you plan ahead. 1 More Answer


Are architects and designers

gregco • 2014

Good evening. I have briefly broken my retirement for a pressing question that I have been mulling over the past week. Speaking from the perspective of a student who mostly interacts with fellow students and young architects, I find that many of the people I am surr... Read More

Bobby, Architect

Why? 1 More Answer

Building Products

CAD drawing of a California

gregco • 2014

Does anyone have a CAD file (2d - I use Draftsight) of a California Fan Palm they would be willing to share? I need fairly accurate leaves, mostly.

Bobby, Architect

Those are pretty, curt! None are accurate enough, though. Also I'm never sure which free download sites are safe. 1 More Answer


Is architecture school the r

gregco • 2014

So I'm about to graduate from highschool,and my career goal is to be able to design/create tree-houses and miniature houses/nooks In general. I just really like the idea of small, functional, cozy spaces. So I was wondering what type of schooling yall think would be... Read More

Bobby, Architect

100K plus to get an architecture degree in order to design tree houses?? Is this a serious question? 1 More Answer