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I can not place/host this re

dianne • 2014
Modlar, Modlar Administrator

Thanks for your feedback. This fireplace model can place and align on the wall when you load it into the project. The fireplace model depth is 420mm and it is fix size, so back of the model may look overlap/not align with the wall if the wall thickness is less than 420mm. Hope this could help. Thanks. 5 More Answers

4415 HO GSR2 Fireplace

If i want to work as BIm, wh

Gavin • 2014

I m currently a year 12 student and I want to become part of the BIM Sorry for bad English thank you

Ilia, Architect

I'm an Architecture student, and I spend most of my time working on BIM. Hope this helps. 1 More Answer

Standard Fromat of "Bill of

abhishek • 2014

What is the Standard Fromat of "Bill of Quantity" for Skirting in BIM and what is the easy way to calcuate it

I can not see Grids "live" i

Marius, Architect • 2014

I have set up Worksharing and set up the Worksets - Central File is on the server and local file on my desktop. Other team members can see the Grids "live" in their local files, yet I can not. What did I do wrong

BIMStop Add-on for ArchiCAD

Daniel, Architect • 2014

Any chance you can update the Add-on to work with ArchICAD 18?

Modlar, Modlar Administrator

We are currently working on our add-on tools for ArchiCAD 18 and it will be available soon.

Do any of these models open

Chris • 2014

Saw this site in Facebook and signed up. I can't get any models to open in Cinema 4D. Is there a way to do so ? Right now I am just getting splines to show up and not full 3D objects. Thanks.

TJ, Architect

Download the free trial of sketch up. Open skp file and export. That might work. 2 More Answers

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How can I download something

chen, Architect • 2014
Antony, Manufacturer

Hi chen-longfei, Just select the product from the main page and click on the 'BiM Downloads' tab. Hit the red download button and it will start to download on to your computer. There are Revit 2014 and AutoCAD files available. Regards Antony

Islay Chair Collection
Building Products

Where is the link of downloa

Amir • 2014
Antony, Manufacturer

Hi amirfarkhad, just select the product from the main page and click on the 'BiM Downloads' tab. There are Revit 2014 and AutoCAD files available. Regards Antony.

Islay Chair Collection
Building Products

Hi gianfranco.

Antony, Manufacturer • 2014

guidetto; As you probably know you can't back save in Revit unfortunately. But what you can do is take the CAD Model and insert it in to your own new Revit Family. You will be able to assign colours and materials through the visibility/graphic override. You can do t... Read More

Plaza Armless Chair
Building Products

Lovely! How can I download

Chybuz, Architect • 2014
Antony, Manufacturer

Hi Chybuz. Adlife; All you need to do is follow the 'Downloads' link. There are Revit 2014 Families 3D AutoCAD Models and 2D AutoCAD Block's. Hope this helps

Islay Chair Collection

Spiral escalator?

Robert, Student • 2014

i am looking for the spiral escalator for my project. Please assist me.if it is possible help me acquire bim material for my projects and more to come.

Hi Robert. On Mitsubishi site you can find short information. http://www.mitsubishielectric.com/elevator/products/asme/escalators/spiral_es/index.html

Could you help me with const

Elias, Engineer • 2014

Perry, I'm looking for the same a car - Ford F100 yellow, but the first one is a used car or new and the second is it after crash in a tree. I need to make a compose pictures to use a book storie. Thanks Elias ([email protected])

Abdul Azeem, Student


SketchUp file does not appea

Charles, Architect • 2014

A couple of files, kitchen appliances & faucets, appear to be stainless steel & chrome yet when I open the fie in SketchUp the finishes are white. While it's possible for me to manipulate these finishes it does take time. I'm wondering is there something I'm... Read More

You may change it the way you wanted it to be in the sketchup. but if you are going to render it the material settings shall be made...

Best Programs for Architectu

pauly • 2014

Hi, I am a second year architecture student and were told that we should start learning to design on computers. I was wondering which programs are recommended and which ones are a mandatory to learn. I was also wondering where I could find tutorials to learn how to... Read More

Bobby, Architect

The current industry standard is MS Paint. All big-name firms demand this as an absolutely necessary skill. Start out with a few simple tutorials and then when you feel confident, move on to the highly advanced commands. Other students will tell you to learn "important" programs like CAD/Revit, but they're just wasting their time. No one care...


Facade Designing

pauly • 2014

Where can one learn to work hand on in facade design, some firm or masters? Do you really like some facade design firms? What do you look at when you see a facade, color or the tech?

Every major engineering firm has facades groups - TT, Arup, BuroHappold, Schlaich and so on. Then there are specialized firms like Heintges, IBA, Front Inc and the like. I believe there is also a school in Augsburg that offers a facade engineering master degree. 1 More Answer


Should Revit (BIM) influence

pauly • 2014

I'm currently in my 2nd master of architecture school and i'm slowly starting my search for my internship next year. Now I have been working with Revit Architecture (BIM) for over 4 years now and I'd rather keep using the program (although the most it was self study... Read More

Software does not make one a good, or even moderately competent architect. It's just a tool like any other and unless you have real-world experience running BIM projects, your skill level and experience can't be worth much. Best to seek entry into large, even multidisciplinary, offices that utilize all the good stuff BIM has to offer. 1 More Answer

The worst building in the wo

pauly • 2014

From the Architects Journal (UK): http://www.architectsjournal.co.uk/culture/the-worst-building-in-the-world-awards/8684797.article "In 1987 a young psychologist conducted an experiment into how repeated exposure to an image changed perceptions of it. A group of vol... Read More

Both points of view are flawed. Visual "attractiveness" (aka style) is a not a measure of housing quality or performance. Extraordinarily shallow is the only way to describe this "experiment". 1 More Answer

What style/period is my home

pauly • 2014

This home is no beauty by any means but we feel it has potential. As you can see it is in terrible disrepair. We are interested in fixing the home up according to its original style. However, we have not been able to figure out what style it is. We were told it was... Read More

Tear it down? Never! This is a great little house. And that razor-sharp hip roof is fantastic. 1 More Answer

minimal details

pauly • 2014

per the the minimal/maximal thread request. a visual homage. outlet: bocci 22 stair: delicious steel counter: john pawson skin: suedwestmetall, allman sattler wappner handrail: st ignatius chapel, steven holl (i wish the screws aligned...) handrail: ICA, ds r sink:... Read More

Bobby, Architect

door handle: steel w/ leather grip, Ize 1 More Answer

Architecture Degree - Constr

pauly • 2014

Hello, I have a BS in architecture and have been working in real estate development/construction in the last 5 years. I am thinking of going to real estate MBA and hope to work in real estate investment or private equity firms dealing with finance side of developmen... Read More

Most likely, once you have the MBA, your entry point in a development firm would be in Construction Management or Development Management. Then, as you demonstrate your ability to contribute over time, you should be able to parlay that position towards a more finance oriented role. 1 More Answer

CAD file of Manhattan anyone

pauly • 2014

Hi I'm looking for a CAD file of Manhattan Can anyone help? Thanks

Bobby, Architect

https://cadmapper.com/#new-york 1 More Answer

Rem Koolhaas, designing thro

pauly • 2014

I have been studying Koolhaas and his design process. There is indeed no clear style in his design but something that became really interesting is the fact he is said to design his architecture through his writings or books. At least that is what I can grasps from m... Read More

A few of weeks ago I began compiling a (personal/Quondam) OMA/Koolhaas dossier (4813f-4813y), and, so far, I wouldn't say Koolhaas "design[s] his architecture through his writings or books." Certain design themes from "Exodus" and Delirious New York do recur throughout the oeuvre, however. More to the point, perhaps, it may well be that the n... 1 More Answer

Best European countries for

pauly • 2014

I would like to eventually move to Europe and be able to still work in the architecture industry. My first choice is the UK, but my research suggests this is a difficult market to break into without being registered and many firms do not hire overseas workers. My ot... Read More

The UK is recovering swiftly from the economic recession, but Turkey is one of the fastest growing in Europe for Architecture and architecture related jobs (i.e. structural engineering, BIM modelling/integrated design technicians, etc). I would urge you to look there, as the countries proficiency in English is very good too. The only real dan... 1 More Answer

UCL Bartlett

pauly • 2014

Does anyone have information on this school they can share? (academic reputation, admission requirements, admission deadline, costs, etc.) Thank you in advance. I appreciate any and all info.

In the future, everything wi

pauly • 2014

2012.03.12 22:11 You know, I've come around to the notion of saving the building because it would be perfect as the world's first Sado-Masochistic Architecture Museum. First off, you wouldn't have to change a thing, nor repair anything, for that matter. The building... Read More

2012.03.26 11:20 I guess the irony here is that pandering to the public is indeed one of the ways to make lots of money these days. 1 More Answer

Architectural Project Manage

pauly • 2014

Hi guys, I have been on the hunt for some project management software (web or locally based) that could help manage an Architectural company of around 250 people with a couple of offices world wide. I have not had luck finding many good programs at all - I found one... Read More

A firm I worked for 4 years ago (120 employees) used Sema4 www.sema4.com with apparently much success. I'm not sure how the software has evolved since, however. 1 More Answer

Rankings of Canada's Undergr

pauly • 2014

Hi all, a quick google search didn't really outline the best (and worst) of Canadian Undergraduate Architecture programs and I was hoping to get some insight from those of you in the industry who would know more. Please advise.

Thanks for no information whatsoever. 1 More Answer

Question regarding reporting

pauly • 2014

The USGBC's CMP guide says that "Work on a project registered for LEED certification will count for 1 CE hour per credit." There's not much explanation given beyond that, however. Does that mean that if the project is on track to get LEED Silver (i.e. 50-59 points/c... Read More

USGBC had these examples regarding "LEED Project Participation", in the email that I got when I first upgraded to a specialty: 1 More Answer

Bristol Board vs Museum Boar

pauly • 2014

Is there a difference I bought a shit ton of museum board thinking I would need it and my design 3 teacher blurts out Bristol. Would she tell the difference? I need it done tonight because of my work load 3 models, 18 diagrams, study college trig and all needs to be... Read More

She's gonna bounce it in her hand to get a feel for its weight. then she's gonna hold it glancingly in the light to examine its grain. then she's going to run her fingers over its cut edges to test their fineness and straightness. then shes going to hold it close to her face and inhale deeply, her eyes turned in thought to the ceiling as she... 1 More Answer

Residential extension crit

pauly • 2014

I would appreciate if you could review the 13 Guinness Drive project on my website. I am not happy with the design and would like to make it stronger. Can you please take a look and let me know what you think. All thoughts welcome! Thank you. www.lewisbailie.com Lew... Read More

Bobby, Architect

I like the idea of seeking a crit by your peers but think your choice of doing it here is less than well thought out. 1 More Answer

Construction Document Traini

pauly • 2014

I'm wanting to expose my team of young interns to great quality construction documents and how to organize a project. If I had been planning ahead I would have kept some drawing sets myself. Can anybody reccomend a good book or website or blog that covers this for c... Read More

Bobby, Architect

Hi Gail, 1 More Answer

Career Advice - Contracting

pauly • 2014

Hello everyone, I recently graduated with a BArch which was mostly design oriented. I'm later interested in an MSRED degree and hopefully a career that includes design and financial analysis. Before grad school, I would like to get some professional experience. I'm... Read More

Bobby, Architect

The contractor will be drafting. You will learn exactly how buildings (prob houses) go together and the things that contractors want to have happen. It probably won't be on architect designed buildings. It will be a good technical-and "other side of the table" education. Other architects may see this as "lesser" experience and by proxy assume... 1 More Answer

Private Vs Public sector pos

pauly • 2014

First a little background...30 yrs old. nearly finished with ARE's. 10 yrs of experience in all phases of private sector work. yes i worked my way through college in firms. Have been offered the position to take a director of facilities position for a county school... Read More

Bobby, Architect

if you want to design, no. 1 More Answer

Urgent scientific researchs

pauly • 2014

I am looking for any information about urgent scientific researchs in Architecture, discussions of its problems. I would be grateful to get any links of well-know professional magazines or web-sites, institutions and so on. Trying to find the most burning and releva... Read More

Journal of Architectural and Planning Research 1 More Answer

Rowan Moore on Zaha Hadid

pauly • 2014

http://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2015/sep/27/zaha-hadid-profile- From Rowan Moore's article in The Guardian: "At some point in the last decade Hadid and her office could have used their new-found fame and status in one of two ways. They could have addressed t... Read More

who's to say that zaha and patrik have not in fact burnt the trail that eventually leads to transforming "the everyday experience of living in cities"? took 40 years just to get the drawings off the page. lets see what another 40 does. 1 More Answer

Take a loss to work in green

pauly • 2014

How much of a loss in pay would you take to work on better projects or a better employer? Assume the drive is the same, the responsibility is the same.

Bobby, Architect

Not more than 10% - assuming i was adequately compensated previously. Just my opinion... 1 More Answer

Job opportunitie in London

pauly • 2014

Hello all, Probably I will go to London to work, but the company is asking me for my salary expectations, of course this salary has to cover my living expenses. I saw in the RIBA website that the hour rate for a Part 1 / First Year Out Students is 10 £. I have 3... Read More

Bobby, Architect

First year part ones rates are averaging 19-20k from my experience with 3 years you should be at least 22-24k per year. However it may be difficult geting a job in a smaller friendlier studio as a foreigners so look at places like Fosters, they always hire foreign students who leave after 1-2 years. 1 More Answer

ARE at California

pauly • 2014

hi all, I have a question about the eligibility of taking ARE at California. contacted California Architects Board and they said specific questions will only be answered by $100 process fee....just wondering if anyone has the same/similar issue. I have a NAAB accred... Read More

Bobby, Architect

I think you are confusing the CSE with the ARE's 1 More Answer

Salary negotiations help ple

pauly • 2014

I don't know what I am doing. I am offered a job. I am to respond to an email with my days that I will be on vacation, availability and expected hourly even though this is full time salary. I did research on the company and the pay rate for this company is enormous... Read More

Hi Kozumelle, 1 More Answer

Can someone post me architec

pauly • 2014

Hello Can post here any architecture construction book or other book that will make me better as an architect. I am a student my 3th year. Thank You

Bobby, Architect

I used Architectural Drawing and Light Construction (8th Edition) by Philip A. Grau III. You can purchase it on Amazon if you want. 1 More Answer