European Architecture Schools

Hey guys, My name is Jason and I am a grade 11 high school student in Canada. I have a true passion for architecture and would like to attend an architecture school after graduation. I am an academically high-achieving student with an excellent artistic talent. While I am definitely going to apply for Canadian universities such as McGill and Waterloo, my goal is to study in Europe. More specifically, Cambridge, UCL, and ETH Zurich's architecture programs are my top three most ideal post-secondary paths. So, in short, I would like to know the general things these schools will expect and require of you, such as high school grades (in %), types of content in the portfolios, etc. Honestly, any information about these schools would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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gregco • 2014

Portfolio is key to any top school since grades are only used to cull the pack. With that said, Mcgill and Waterloo are top-notch schools and you should not ignore them when applying. I'd place (most of) their graduates in line with the "ivies" of the US any day.