Architectural Visualization Degree?

I'm planning on applying to graduate school for the upcoming academic school year (Fall 2016). I was just wondering if there were any programs out there that specialized only in Architectural Visualization? Whether it be a graduate program or even certificate program. I'm not having much luck finding anything in the United States, other than at Boston Architectural College. I know there's a bunch of courses offered on multiple web sites that you can take online but I'd honestly rather be in a classroom learning the material in person. Thanks in advance! Erick

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Answers (2)

gregco • 2014

The University of Kent has an Arch Viz programme which is excellent in the UK

Bobby, Architect • 2014

I've never heard of a whole degree program centered around this in the US and some architecture schools only have 1 or 2 classes AT MOST devoted to photo-real type visualization.I know of at least one program in Spain and there a few other short workshops I think offered in Italy that cover it.