Salary negotiations help please

I don't know what I am doing. I am offered a job. I am to respond to an email with my days that I will be on vacation, availability and expected hourly even though this is full time salary. I did research on the company and the pay rate for this company is enormous. For instance my bosses are making six figures according to glassdoor and they are only mid level. Some people are making 200k. But the pay for this position in general across this city ranges from 44k to 98k. I don't know how to find a reasonable expectation within such a large range. I read that you are not to give the first number. So, should I kick the can back to the hiring person? I don't know what I am doing here. I was already hired so if I say something crazy like 80k can they rescind the offer?

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gregco • 2014

Hi Kozumelle,

Bobby, Architect • 2014

Also, why are they asking for my vacation days? So far I respond I do not have any in mind yet but should I just make some up to ensure I can take time off? What is this question about?