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hi all, I have a question about the eligibility of taking ARE at California. contacted California Architects Board and they said specific questions will only be answered by $100 process fee....just wondering if anyone has the same/similar issue. I have a NAAB accredited 3 yr Master of Architecture. But a 4 yr Bachelor in non-Architecture field. just started working (in IDP) (only 6 months until now...) Since CA Board requires: "When a candidate has reached 5 years of work experience (under a licensed architect) and/oreducation credit, has established an NCARB Record, and enrolled in IDP (Candidates may begin taking the ARE while completing the IDP), they are then eligible to begin testing." Does that mean I am not allowed to sit in ARE until 2 years of working? regardless of the 'concurrent IDP/ARE'? many thanks!

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Answers (2)

Bobby, Architect • 2014

I think you are confusing the CSE with the ARE's

gregco • 2014

The 5 years experience can also be gained using the education equivalent.