I sign for the firm I'm working for...should I get more?

My company is a contractor initially but when I joined the company, we became a design and build studio. I'm the only Architect in the firm so I sign the drawings and documents for approval. The thing is, this wasn't even in my job description and in the negotiation when I joined the company. Now, they're using me for the renewal of the trade license of the company since the law here requires the company to have an Architect for doing arch'l and interior design works. In short, they didn't even ask if it's okay with me to do so. Now, my performance review is coming up and I wanna open up these topics to my employer. I also think I deserve to be compensated more, besides the mandatory raise after the probationary period since I'm the signatory and the fact that I'm attached to the company's license is a big deal! How do you guys suggest I go with this? A bonus? a significant raise?

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Bobby, Architect • 2014

Percentage of profit.

gregco • 2014

what type of work and where are you?