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How do I download free famil

Rachelle • 2014

Revit Families

I would like to know how to download revisited families

have you got families for LE

Zhaohui, Engineer • 2013

LED light fittings seem to be a trend now. do you have any revit families for LED lighting?In lighting design, we need all sort of LED light fittings for interior and exterior conditions, such as recessed down light, surface mounted, wall mounted, suspended, linear... Read More

Hosting a Revit family to a

miked • 2012

As far as I remember you can host a ceiling hosted lighting fixture to a ceiling in a linked model. Is my memory correct and is that still possible? Because I can't seem to accomplish it. We're able to put a face-based fixture in the linked model ceiling, but can't... Read More


Scott is correct. If you want to use a linked ceiling as host, you have to use a 'face-based' family, not ceiling-based. 1 More Answer