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Hello everyone, I recently graduated with a BArch which was mostly design oriented. I'm later interested in an MSRED degree and hopefully a career that includes design and financial analysis. Before grad school, I would like to get some professional experience. I'm currently considering two offers: one is with a general contractor and the other is with a design studio. My bachelor's degree has mostly been design oriented so I think working with a contractor would cover the technical aspects? However, I'm hesitant because I don't think I'll be learning much and that these technical aspects can be covered on the longer term in a design studio. I'd be curious to hear different opinion about this Thanks! :)

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Bobby, Architect • 2014

The contractor will be drafting. You will learn exactly how buildings (prob houses) go together and the things that contractors want to have happen. It probably won't be on architect designed buildings. It will be a good technical-and "other side of the table" education. Other architects may see this as "lesser" experience and by proxy assume you aren't as good either. The design studio may offer you similar experience in technical drafting-especially if you ask for it. Or if they are more design oriented you may be doing models, 3d rendering, sketching. Have you considered getting a position for a developer ?

gregco • 2014

mnja24: Please tell us what the contractor says your duties will be? And, how long would you would expect to work there?