Job opportunitie in London

Hello all, Probably I will go to London to work, but the company is asking me for my salary expectations, of course this salary has to cover my living expenses. I saw in the RIBA website that the hour rate for a Part 1 / First Year Out Students is 10 £. I have 3 years experience in the sector and I'm not an UK citizen, neither european. London citizens, are you agree with this rate?

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Bobby, Architect • 2014

First year part ones rates are averaging 19-20k from my experience with 3 years you should be at least 22-24k per year. However it may be difficult geting a job in a smaller friendlier studio as a foreigners so look at places like Fosters, they always hire foreign students who leave after 1-2 years.

gregco • 2014

tons of thanks archiwutm8!