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I need Gdl object for archic

Guillot, Architect • 2014
Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Robert, unfortunately Nanawall has not shared any CAD files with us recently, but they do have a special part of their website dedicated to CAD files, so you should be able to find what you are looking for there: www.nanawall.com/shortform?typ=NW%20-%20CAD%20Download&doc=https://www.nanawall.com/bim-library . I hope that helps! 2 More Answers

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Why is the 3d model as if it

Leon, Architect • 2014

I'm afraid there will be more like this: useless!

Modlar, Modlar Administrator

Some models were face-based model and allow user to place on the wall, floor or ceiling. The Sketchup model is place vertically on the floor. Thanks.

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When I open the downloaded f

ramchandra, Architect • 2014
Antony, Manufacturer

Hi;The colours are set on a materials parameter, so you can add whatever materials and colours you like. Either in the Family or Project.Hope this helps.RegardsAntony

Building Products

Any chance you have these fi

Mike, Student • 2014

It would just save opening Revit to load your file and then exporting in a 3D Studio Max format. I teach 3D Studio for Architectural Presentations and this would really simplify it for me.

Antony, Manufacturer

Hi Mike;Thanks for the message. I just uploaded some DGW Files for you. (2007)Sorry I don't have any 3ds files.RegardsAantony

BIM/CAD Software

How do I download free famil

Rachelle • 2014

Revit Families

I would like to know how to download revisited families

Uploading Problem?

Antony, Manufacturer • 2013

I'm in the process of redrawing all our furniture as RVT files and wanted to add them to the site, but when I try adding the Revit model it says I can't add this file type and my model wont upload. Any ideas. I'm using 2014, could this be the reason?Thanks in advanc... Read More

Antony, Manufacturer

Ah, brilliant thanks! Works fine now. Just a few hundred more to go!!Thanks Antony. 1 More Answer

BIM/CAD Software

How to I download a crane fa

AMBROSO, Engineer • 2013

How to I download a crane family to use in my revit models. Any families would be ok.

Can I change the size of the

Md, Architect • 2013

When I download a car and open it in Revit then the size of the car is bigger then my requirement.There is no any scaling option.Then what should I do?

Deng, Architect

Replace the family.

downloaded files won't load?

Alan • 2013

i have downloaded some sheet pile family files, but i can not get them to load into project.  i have opened each of the files so i know they are not empty. what am i doing wrong?

Deng, Architect

Check the version. 1 More Answer

Issues with linetype setting

Nikhil, Architect • 2013

I have created a family of a toilet pod using revit 2013. I'm currently trying to produce detailed elevations/ sections of this family. However, when I try to override the line style of certail lines, (i.e 2d model lines I have drawn directly onto the family wall... Read More

Do you have revit models for

John, Architect • 2013

ESW 6229H 6890 BPH 6800 BMDCG 6800I can't seem to find them on your web pages @ milelebim.com.auIf so can you please send them to me, or show me a link to them.if not can you let me know what revit model closest resembles the above products.

Scott, Architect

Ok, can you please send us a link to the product on Miele's website, we do have all of their current products for the AU market. 2 More Answers

archicad downloads not worki

Cecilia • 2013

what is going on with the archicad object downloads. The files are empty with only a small text file in the downloaded folders. Can someone please assist with this matter.

Roderick, Architect

The same has happened to me, I download objects that specifically say they have an Archicad version and what I get is a text file and no actual object. 4 More Answers

Building Products

Damn why only revit?

Costas, Engineer • 2013

Archicad format would be nice! thanks

Modlar, Modlar Administrator

We have few more products available in ArchiCAD via this page http://www.modlar.com/brands/nanawall/

How to change scale of whole

Hana, Architect • 2013

does anybody know how i can change the scale of my whole model in archicad? ive tried resize but the height wont change. 

Baris, Architect

I dont understand why someone needs to change the scale of the model in archicad...Does he-she means the working units kind of? Still dont understand...Everything is completely open in Archicad... 1 More Answer

REVIT 2014 Extension?

Pedro • 2013

Was wondering when the BIMStop extension for REVIT 2014 would be released. I''ve recently become a big fan of this website and am looking very forward to integrating it fully into my workflow within REVIT. Thanks.

Modlar, Modlar Administrator

Hi Pedro, Thanks for the great feedback. We hope to have the plugin out soon, we''ve been working on some exciting new features for it, which are taking a little longer to finish.

Revit Family Opening - Error

mahboobfacet • 2013

I was working on a revit family yesterday and this morning, when I opened the file. I have the error - "Attempted to access ''FileName.rfa'' past its end".

Your file is corrupt, and this is one of the worst errors to see since there is nothing you can do to restore it. You can try to send the file to Autodesk to recover, but it probably won't work. Your best bet is to rely on the latest back-up that will open successfully, and continue from there. If you don't have a back-up, you must start over...

BIM/CAD Software

Help me to choose: ArchiCad

Binh, Architect • 2013

Now, I'm on a junction. I want to move from AutoCad to a BIM program. I know the 2 most popular BIM programs today are ArchiCad and Revit.I confused to make a decision to pick up one op them to study and improve my career .I'm in VietNam. Here, Revit seems to be use... Read More

So which software? Try both out and chose the one that will make you most excited to explore and absorb BIM. Because in the end what firms need are people who understand BIM. If your way into BIM is through ArchiCAD, go with ArchiCAD. If it''s through Revit, go with that program. But remember it''s about the path to BIM. That''s paramount. So... 12 More Answers

Does ArchiCAD 13 calculate e

Marco, Architect • 2013

Does ArchiCAD 13 calculate energy rating for buildings as the newer versions do? I am trying to calculate the energy rating (EPC) for a small building, new construction, and I am wondering if there are any plug-in to do this job.

If you are using SBEM and SAP these are simplified calculation tools. The simplified method is an alternative compliance path to Dynamic Simulation Method (DSM) in the UK. EcoDesigner STAR is soon likely to be listed as one of the accredited DSM software in UK alongside IES and Tas Engineering. Only then you will be able to produce Official E... 1 More Answer

how i can insert textures in

miguel, Architect • 2013

I need insert new texture in archicad, but I need create a new material whit new 2d and new name but i dont now !!... excuse my english !!..

Scott, Architect

You need to go to the ArchiCAD material manager. From there you can duplicate an existing one, then adjust the 2D and texture image settings as you please.

have you got families for LE

Zhaohui, Engineer • 2013

LED light fittings seem to be a trend now. do you have any revit families for LED lighting?In lighting design, we need all sort of LED light fittings for interior and exterior conditions, such as recessed down light, surface mounted, wall mounted, suspended, linear... Read More

What's BIM?

Wu, Architect • 2013

BIM is Building information modeling,but what's information in the model? Thanks

The information in the model is what I call the DNA of the model. It is Datum information which provides the framework for the model components. It is Annotation information which transforms a simple model into a set of Construction Documents. It is Analytical Information which communicates with 2nd party analytical software. It is phasing, s... 1 More Answer

Between Autocad and Revit wi

Eder, Engineer • 2013

New to BIMstop? Below is our collection of manufacturer specific and generic BIM content (in a large range of BIM formats) to use with your projects.It is all completely free, you just need to be signed in to download the files.So why not sign up to BIMstop now!

Who is the best manufacturer

Ayden • 2013

Finding appropriate families..

Scott, Architect

We have some great ones in the library especially for Autodesk Revit! Such as; Gaggenau: http://www.bimstop.com/profile/gaggenau/ Delta: http://www.bimstop.com/profile/delta.faucet/ Thermador: http://www.bimstop.com/profile/thermador/ 1 More Answer

Some times, downloaded objec

Nicolas, Engineer • 2013

I have downloaded a nice toilet (Kohler Saile 3564), but it prefers hosting on the wall. When you place it in Coarse and medium, there is only seen a box. In fine mode you see the toilet. I have changed and took that box out, but it is still there. The only way to p... Read More

Scott, Architect

Hi Nicolas, I take you are meaning when you place it in Autodesk Revit. I can't see the family in our library, are you able to post a link to it? It sounds like the family has not been built properly, not an error at your end!

how to apply external materi

polly, Architect • 2013

when I can't find a good fit for the object from the default material table, how can I create a new material which the surface will look like a real thing

Revit family for Miele warmi

Lillian • 2013

I need a revit family for the Miele warming drawer esw 5080-29... does anyone have it? I  would really appreciate if someone could upload one. Thanks...

Scott, Architect

Can you please post a link to that product? I'm not sure that is one we have developed for Miele but could definitely let them know that you'd find it useful!

Do you still have the Dyson

brendon, Architect • 2013

HI,do you still have the Hand Dryer by Dyson for ArchiCAD. The Dyson Airblade. The one that is in your old SDB Library. I thought I downloaded it from Cadimage.  I don't have a copy of the library part anymore, or can can not find it on my system.Thanks

Modlar, Modlar Administrator

We don't have it in the library at this stage, but will get it uploaded!

why is my second floor level

tommy, Architect • 2013

My second floor project isnt showing any other colour but the rest of the views do, this is the only level i have trouble with.My second floor project isnt showing any other colour but the rest of the views do, this is the only level i have trouble with.My second fl... Read More

Create a View Template from one that works, and then apply that to the one that currently doesn't work.

Revit 2012 How do i thicken

dean • 2013

I've tried all the usual options and googled the question before, I'm told it's not possible is this true?                                                                                ... Read More

alen.lane, Architect

You don't. this is not a BIm question. Concentrate on efficient production not sideline presentation. If you want graphics just draw the detail in 2D.

How do i down load Miele DWG

Naomi • 2013

I am having trouble down loading miele products into Autocad 2010. i would like to be able to get the products in a dwg file format. Is this possible or is there another file format that autocad can use?   any help will be appricated.

Steve, Architect

It should work to just dbl click on the link. Another way to do it is to right click on the link and select Save target as...

how can i create a door fami

mohamed, Engineer • 2013

how can i create a door families from scratch with give the door the full features of the basic door family  so can you give me a full steps to start creating it and how can i edit an exicting door family 

To understand how to develop parametric door families, start by watching the hour long Autodesk University video AB110-1P (All in the Family - Creating Parametric Parts in Revit Architecture). 1 More Answer

seeking casework?

Terrence, Architect • 2013

are there any good useful casework BIM objects here that are modeled in ArchiCAD? I am seeking objects that are frameless and framed.                          thnks

Modlar, Modlar Administrator

There are a few in the library. Do you mean for Kitchen casework? Also which version of ArchiCAD are you running?


Ronald, Architect • 2013

What is the best way to use custom materials?  I've grown tired of the out of the box material and am having moderae lock assignng custom materials.  Is there an advised method?

Scott, Architect

I take it you are using Revit? Your best bet is to download some custom materials that are already in a Revit file (template), then you can import these into your project. Else find a texture you like and create the material in Revit yourself.

Do you have: Hanging Pot/Pan

Beverly • 2013

I need a Pot/Pan hanging rack with pots on it, upright plates on display, pots that will hang on the rack.  They need to work in AC16 and I need them now.

Do you have any pictures or other descriptions to go off of, or do you just need a basic model? 1 More Answer

Building Products

Would it be possible to get

Tom K • 2013

I am sure many people would appreciate it ;)

Modlar, Modlar Administrator

We have lighting products available in Revit file format in different brand like Delray Lighting, please try http://www.modlar.com/brands/delray-lighting/

Is there a way to embed an i

Amber • 2013

I am wondering if Revit is smart enough to allow you to embed an image of a cut sheet/picture into a family.  I am working with a bunch of equipment and it would be extremely helpful if I was able to click on the piece of equipment and see all of the info - more th... Read More

Jeremy, Procurement

Hello! It's not a question, but information. I found a site that helped in the work of PDP files and not only: www.altorotatepdf.com, on it you can find many opportunities for working with files. I hope my information was useful. 5 More Answers

Changing Level Height of Ent

Jim, Architect • 2013

I have a model that was started a few months back and the loor levels were never changed from the default (i.e. Level 1 = 0"). Is there a way to move the entire model up so Level 1 = 100'-0"?

Fredy, Architect

I think the best way to do is moving the whole model in one action to do this follow the next points: 1- Open an "elevation view" (north, east or any of that, even a section) 2- Go to "Manage" 3- at the "Project Location" on manage click on "Position" tab and choose "Relocate Project" 4- Now click on any place and move (like when you move an... 5 More Answers