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How to capture screenshot/im

Gerd, Architect • 2012

I want to capture some images from BIMx, is this possible?

The new BIMx for AC 16 allows camera/video options, so not sure which version your using? 3 More Answers

What is an 'average' file si

miked • 2012

I'm a little bit worried about my current file size, I'm at 350mb and not even finished yet! What is an acceptable file size to have?

There are many variables to consider with respect to file size - complexity of the design, size of the building, number of levels, source of the content loaded, end-user methodologies, and certainly L.O.D. To answer your question, any file size is acceptable as long as it still performs well. In my 7+ years with Revit, I've never had a projec... 5 More Answers

Communication for changes? H

mikey • 2012

Currently working on a project with multiple people and just curious if there is a great way to communicate the changes made by each person?

Werner P

I would suggest creating a template that maybe everyone fills out, e.g. stating all the changes, but not sure if that would get to complicated especially because that's quite dependant upon the number of changes and the number of people involved. 1 More Answer

Why does trace reference mak

michael • 2012

It annoys me how slow AC becomes when I use trace reference, could someone please tell me how I could speed it up?

Hans, Architect

I know many people have this problem but the slowness may also be down to your computer. 1 More Answer

Legal issues around BIM?

Rachel, Architect • 2012

As the adoption of BIM (Building Information Modeling) is happening faster and faster, what legal issues have people found around it? For example: -Who owns the model? -Who takes ultimate (legal) responsibility for its accuracy?

with all this talk about sharing models... the sale pitch for bim... i find that no one wants to share due to liability...thus unless you can find a legal way around your sharing of your model.... don't count on others wanting to take on that liability....i find bim useful strictly as an inhouse tool.... the give the paper to the rest of the... 2 More Answers

BIM/CAD Software

ArchiCAD and Cinema 4D or Ar

Daniel • 2012

I want to produce some high end renders from my ArchiCAD models so am looking for a piece of software to achieve this. I've got it down to either Cinema 4D or Artlantis but can't decide, what have others used?

If you want the easy road, Artlantis is the way to go. Cinema 4D offers more features than Artlantis, but Artlantis is easier to learn & use and runs super fast. You can do quick radiosity renderings using the Artlantis rendering engine (which, in many situations, may be all you'll ever need to do), plus in Artlantis you've also got the o... 1 More Answer

What is the Revit schema?

Robbie, Architect • 2012

I just went to open a model I was working on earlier in the week and got a message stating that the file has an incorrect "schema". What is a schema? How did I cause this and most importantly how can I fix it?

Franco, Architect

yes 1 More Answer

BIM/CAD Software

IFC import into Revit 2012

Bobby, Architect • 2012

I'm trying to import an IFC file from my engineer into my Revit 2012 project, however it is coming through as a mess. The IFC file is being exported from Tekla, does anyone know of any best practises around this?

jack, Student

i dont know but could you make a zonda and a mclaren p1? (my email is [email protected], email me in response to my request) 3 More Answers

Bosch Appliance families for

Emily • 2012

I've been using the Miele Appliance Revit families available here on bimstop: http://www.bimstop.com/profile/miele/ I have a project where we are going to be using Bosch Appliances, does anyone know where/if these are available for download?

Modlar, Modlar Administrator

We don't currently have Bosch Appliance families available for Revit sorry, we will get in touch with Bosch though and see what we can do - so stay tuned!

Decent car objects for Archi

michael • 2012

I have a presentation to do to a client next week and want to show some nice realistic cars in the project's garage (both in 3D & 2D). The client isn't going to be excited by the box shaped ones currently in the ArchiCAD 14 library!

Modlar, Modlar Administrator

Hi Michael, there are a few ArchiCAD cars on our network already. If you search via the ArchiCAD/cars tag: http://www.bimstop.com/bim-content/tag/archicad-cars/

Hosting a Revit family to a

miked • 2012

As far as I remember you can host a ceiling hosted lighting fixture to a ceiling in a linked model. Is my memory correct and is that still possible? Because I can't seem to accomplish it. We're able to put a face-based fixture in the linked model ceiling, but can't... Read More

BIM, Architect

Scott is correct. If you want to use a linked ceiling as host, you have to use a 'face-based' family, not ceiling-based. 1 More Answer

Revit family?

Tyrone • 2012

Does anyone have a Revit family for arrows that adjust to any scale. I want to use it to show bar the ranges for reinforcement detailing as a 2D detail. Currently I have done a family but I can't get the family to scale.

BIM, Architect

It won't scale if you've created it with 'Generic Annotation' category. You need to build a 'Detail Component', that would change its size according to the view scale. 1 More Answer

Moving from a trial version

Marco Antonio, Architect • 2012

I'm currently using an ArchiCAD trial version, if I decide to buy the 'full' version will I be able to convert/transfer my files?

Rachel, Architect

I haven't done this but I have heard that when you buy the actual ArchiCAD the trial version automatically switches to 'full' version and the files you created in the trial version will be converted to your new 'full' ArchiCAD files. But this only works if you are using the same computer for both the trial and full version. Hope that helps! 3 More Answers

BIM/CAD Software

What is Open BIM

Raditya, Engineer • 2012

Could someone please explain to me what 'Open BIM' is please? Is it just one type of company using it?

Marcel, Architect

Hi, Check out www.openbim.org and www.graphisoft.com/openbim/ for details on Open BIM. Google is a great resource! Marcel 3 More Answers

Could anyone tell me good bo

Michael S • 2012

Just wanting to have a read about BIM, how it's best implemented, used etc. Could anyone recommend any good books, ebooks, whitepapers.

For more the implementation side take a look at Building Information Modeling: A Strategic Implementation Guide for Engineers, Constructors and Real Estate Asset Managers. 6 More Answers

Workshops for ArchiCAD?

Tom, Architect • 2012

Like my previous question, but this time for ArchiCAD, are there any workshops, seminars or webinars available? Maybe even ones run by independents?

C2Architect, Architect

You could start by looking at the Graphisoft website where they have many resources that can point you in the correct direction regarding education and training for ArchiCAD. The tutorials that they have are step by step with accompanying videos that teach as you go and are excellent. Beyond that if you want more, Eric Bobrow is an excellent... 4 More Answers

What is the difference betwe

Alessio, Student • 2012

I have seen BIMx used or mentioned, but what is the actual difference between BIMx and BIM?

Marcel, Architect

Hi, You mean xBIM -go to www.openbim.org eXtensible Building Information Modelling - although my personal interpretation for BIM would be Building Information Management. There is a lot of BUM around too :) (Bloody Ugly Modelling) Marcel 3 More Answers

Difference between CAD and B

Daniel, Architect • 2012

Just starting out and am wanting to know what the difference between CAD and BIM is.

3D CAD describes buildings by 3D views such as elevations, plans and sections. 3 More Answers

What is the general cost of

Alex • 2012

I am looking at the ROI of BIM and would really like to know the costs involved with BIM, as not many businesses reveal the costs straight out.

As an example Revit displays its prices on the Autodesk website, see http://usa.autodesk.com/revit/how-to-buy/ 2 More Answers

Difference between 3D, 4D, 5

Scott • 2012

New to BIM, so just really interested in knowing what's the difference between 3D, 4D, 5D and 6D.

Marco Antonio, Architect

4D = adding time to 3D 5D = adding of costs, e.g. costs of materials 6D = adding things such as the project life-cycle 4 More Answers

Rule(s) about buying BIM sof

Alex • 2012

In general what is/are the rule(s) about buying BIM software from certain companies or resellers over others.

Marco Antonio, Architect

For example Revit (or AutoCAD products) is available through several resellers, but to me the resellers job here is not just offering the product (hopefully at a good price!) but assisting product usage, so if you take this view, the reseller is very important as each I think will offer you different levels and kinds of service. Good luck! 1 More Answer

What sort of software for BI

Bobby, Architect • 2012

Hey, I'm quite new to using BIM, what software is available for creating BIM models.

Hernando, Architect

There are several, and I will mention just the most populars, and you can divide them in 5 big groups depending in the Discipline: -Architectural (Revit, ArchicAD, Vectorworks, Bentley, Allplan +more) -Structural calculation (Revit, Bentley, Tekla, SAP2000, Scia, Etabs +more) -MEP (AutoCAD MEP, Revit, Bentley, ArchiCAD, MagiCAD, DDS +more) -P...

How do I make doors and wall

William • 2012

How can I make the windows and doors always appear this way.

However if you're using AC 10 or lower try 3D Window Settings > Effects > Transparency in Shading, then select off. 1 More Answer

I lost my office standards!

????????, Architect • 2012

I've just upgraded and lost all my old office standards! How can I get them back

????????, Architect

I wouldn't import your Work Environment from your old AC as you'll get a duplicate of your old custom palettes/menus etc. 2 More Answers

I'm looking for ArchiCAD add

????????, Architect • 2012

What are some great ArchiCAD add-ons and which ones should I be using.

SketchUp, Google Maps, Google 3D Warehouse for Archicad ("The Google Earth Connections add-on package"), Piranesi and Cinema 4D, are all add-ons for ArchiCAD. 1 More Answer

BIMx: how to share?

Amado • 2012

I want to show my clients my BIM models, is BIMx the easiest way to share it with them.

Additionally, the BIMx Community Site provides means for you to post it on there. 2 More Answers

In ArchiCad is there such th

Ramanefer, Architect • 2012

Is there a tracking command in ArchiCAD and how can I use.

Kero, Architect

To be it a bit more clear to enter your distance; if you want to your chair to be 10" from the horizontal wall and 3" from the vertical wall, then type y 0-10+, type x 0-3- and hit enter. 1 More Answer

In ArchiCAD how do I reduce

Francois, Architect • 2012

My ArchiCAD project file is getting very large, are there some quick ways to reduce it?

You can also use attribute manager to delete unused fills and layers. Options > Element Attributes > Attribute Manager, but I would only do this as a last resort. 2 More Answers

Can I zoom in a particular e

Anthony, Architect • 2012

How can I select and zoom into a specific element in my Revit BIM model

Daniel, Architect

You could try to select "Group", isolate in "View" and then "Zoom Extents", not sure if this is what you wanted? 2 More Answers

Could anyone recommend any R

barraganarq1 • 2012

What Revit add-ins are people using and how much time do they save you?

Got to have eTransmit for Revit. Depending on the project and number of links, it saves a ton of time when sharing files with others. 3 More Answers

What to use for Clash Detect

Anthony, Architect • 2012

What tools are best for BIM clash detection.

Daniel, Architect

Really depends what clashes you want to detect, different software's are better at detecting certain types then others. 2 More Answers

How do I get my Revit model

Victor Hugo, Engineer • 2012

How can I easily export my Revit model to a PDF file to share with others.

The best choice is actually Bluebeam Revu as it also allows you to collaborate on the PDF with multiple users simultaneously with mark-up functions. You can get a 30 day trial of the CAD version (necessary to work with the Revit Plug-In from http://www.bluebeam.com/us/partners/network/hagen/cad/ 4 More Answers

Can anyone tell me some time

Stella • 2012

I'm getting better at Revit but what are some good time saving shortcuts?

I apologize on behalf of my previous (supposed) reply - I think I was hacked. I always import my custom Keyboard Shortcuts file and continue to revise and refine them to accommodate the latest features. I don't use numbers or symbols as that post suggests. Sorry. 4 More Answers

Building Products

What other BIM formats would

Miele, Manufacturer • 2012

We already provide Miele Australia's great range of appliances in 3 formats; Autodesk Revit, ArchiCAD and Sketchup. What other BIM related formats would people find useful?

Mark, Architect

Why don't you have models for the HR series? 1 More Answer

Let us know how we could imp

Modlar, Modlar Administrator • 2012

Any ideas or feedback on this new questions area would be fantastic or you can email it to us at: [email protected]

Jay, Architect

Tie it into http://www.revitforum.org/

Why can't I adjust my model

Michael • 2012

I can't edit in 3D view? I thought you can. What am I doing wrong.

I have the same problem since the first time i installed revit two month ago. i can edit whatsover in elevation and plans but not in 3d view. ive confirmed that it is already in default 3d view i can view it but nothing are able to be edited in that view. the rotation works just fine. can anyone solve this problem? https://s16.postimg.org/oy2... 3 More Answers

Making one wall invisible?

rosenoda • 2012

Pretty simple I'd like to make one of my walls invisible, is it possible to do this in Revit?

Hernando, Architect

there are different ways of achieving this. It all depends on what is the purpose of it: You can "hide" a wall or any other element by view. Just select it, right-click, choose "hide in view", then element. You can also demolish the element, or move it to a Phase, or even make it part of a design option. Again, it all depends on what's the pu... 3 More Answers

How do I zoom so I can see a

gregco • 2012

I'd like to change Revit to the view so I can see all windows, how do I do this?

F3, it will zoom all the tiled windows to their extents (to fit). 2 More Answers

Changing family templates. I

SangHeon, Architect • 2012

I want to edit one of the Revit family templates, how can I do this?

Jay, Architect

in RVT 2013: 1) Create a new family from the desired family template 2) Edit as needed to get to your desired new family template 3) Save as a family (in the Templates folder or other appropriate location) 4) Change the extension from .rfa to .rft (accept the file extension change warnings) 3 More Answers

Are there regular seminars o

Tom, Architect • 2012

I'm looking for a place running regular Revit seminars, I'd potentially be happy to pay if it was going to kick start my learning of Revit and BIM.

Jay, Architect

Find a local RUG (Revit Users Group, such as LARUG, where we do monthly meetings in Los Angeles, San Francisco & Orange County: http://losangelesrevitusersgroup.blogspot.com/ We do live meetings as well as stream and record them for viewing later!!! I bet you have a local group near you, if not: Start one!!! Email me if you'd like to disc... 5 More Answers