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Discover projects from around the globe and the products and techniques that make them unique.

The Color Black

Black is hugely popular for residential facades at the moment, and we're seeing the color used in more and more ways VIEW NOW >

Deconstructivist Architecture

Here are some of our favorite examples of deconstructivism VIEW NOW >

BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group

Starchitect Bjarke Ingel's firm, BIG, designs transformative structures that are as big as they are bold VIEW NOW >

Homes with Green Roofs

Green Roofs contribute to environmentally conscious building practices VIEW NOW >

The Coolest Living Buildings

Green Buildings are the perfect marriage between man-made elements and natural landscapes VIEW NOW >

Eichler Homes

Well-crafted, affordable, modern style homes built by visionary developer Joseph Eichler on a large scale for the masses are still hig... VIEW NOW >

Quirky Architecture

A break from the seriousness, here are some quirky buildings VIEW NOW >


London's architecture is so diverse that its style can't be narrowed down to one subset of design. Its streets and alleys are speckled... VIEW NOW >

Extraordinary Swimming Pools

It's hard not to feel relaxed when looking at these amazing swimming pools from around the world VIEW NOW >

Iconic Buildings and Structures

A list of 100 iconic landmarks, skyscrapers, residences and structures that you should know about VIEW NOW >

Impressive University Buildings

Extraordinary buildings for university campuses around the world VIEW NOW >

Unique Starbucks One-Off Cafes

These cafes are far from boring VIEW NOW >

Cool Stairs

Staircases that truly elevate the spaces they are in VIEW NOW >

Colorful Office Spaces

These vibrant office spaces bring color to the workplace VIEW NOW >

Wood Interiors

Wood is the hero in these dramatic interiors VIEW NOW >

Colorful Facades

Color is a great way to instantly command attention VIEW NOW >

Net Zero-Energy Homes

Net Zero Energy Homes are high performance houses which are so energy efficient, that a renewable energy system can offset all or most... VIEW NOW >

Boutique Hotels

A selection of beautiful and interesting boutique hotels VIEW NOW >

Magnificent Libraries

Some of the most amazing libraries around the world VIEW NOW >

Abu Dhabi

Take a tour of Abu Dhabi's architectural highlights VIEW NOW >

Dusseldorf Media Harbor

Set along the Rhine river, Düsseldorf's Medienhafen is an architects' playground with a variety of quirky and impressive buildings VIEW NOW >

Herzog de Meuron

One of the busiest and most revered architecture firms in the world, Herzog de Meuron seem to be busy as ever in building in all sizes... VIEW NOW >

Buildings by Gensler

With 5,000+ employees worldwide in 46 offices across 12 countries, each office has produced and continues to produce projects of multi... VIEW NOW >

Factories That Blend Functionality and D...

These factories reflect the complex processes and interactions going on inside them by means of facade treatments and smart space orga... VIEW NOW >

Imposing Subway Stations

These subway stations express their cities' personalities through architectural and engineering feats VIEW NOW >

6 Incredible Marketplaces

Marketplaces are public gathering spaces for buying and selling goods, and they can really bring communities together VIEW NOW >

Modern Spirit Distillery Buildings

These distilleries aren't just highly functional industrial facilities but have been designed keeping aesthetics in mind as manufactur... VIEW NOW >

Blending Old and New

Whether it is to preserve a historical building or to save money and time on construction, these renovations manage to give new life t... VIEW NOW >

Hudson Yards

The Hudson Yards is an ambitious redevelopment project taking place on the West side in Manhattan, NYC. The project which will include... VIEW NOW >

Remarkable Theaters

As the performing arts change, the buildings that host them change with them, keeping up not only with the performers' needs but with... VIEW NOW >