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Invalid 3D in downloaded Arc

Paul, Architect • 2021

I downloaded the 'Miele Rangehoods Lib.lcf'  library from Modlar, which looks to be a useful multiple models in one object, but on placing, the Object dialog shows errors in 3D  under either ArchiCAD 23 or 24 .   I see the object was created in 2014.  That cor... Read More


What are the disadvantages o

Season, Architect • 2018

I need a list of disadvantages of ArchiCAD from user experience.

Praveen, Interior Designer

Hello Season. Below are the disadvantages of ArchiCAD: custom articles require GDL scripting, numerous old workarounds are never completely fathomed, a few expansions are never legitimately refreshed and less-utilized API. 1 More Answer

BIM/CAD Software

How are sensors connected to

Deniz, Student • 2016

Hi, I'm a seniour Civil Engineering student and I'm writing my thesis on integration of BIM and FM programs. Right now I'm working on the sensors and the data transfer from sensors to FM systems. Other than using BIM in 3D modelling programs, it is possbile to find... Read More

Henrique, Architect

Programs with platform for use BIM and BIM OPEN , Vectorworks is the most plastic, with a drawing engine based on Cinema4D and easy to use . I use Vectorworks more than 8 years and not change. 1 More Answer

BIM/CAD Software

How are IFC Files used in de

Alan • 2016

How are IFC files actually used? Are they editable? I've been put in charge of BIM because I have 30 years CAD experience. But the people in charge don't really understand BIM and I'm not getting the training! Anyway, what i want to know is: How if an IFC file ACTUA... Read More

Cari, Architect

Hey Alan, editting an IFC element doesn't imply meyhem... you can move them around to your hearts content, and if they are composed of a typical archicad object, you can edit to the heart is content. Where you run into trouble is if the object is a particular manufacturers product and you change it, well, it'snot really their product anymore... 8 More Answers

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Which architecture software

Carrie, Architect • 2016

There are so many options available and cost effectiveness is my priority, so I want to make sure I make the right choice.

Fernando, Architect

The day I tried the Archicad, never had doubts. I never found any cad more complete to architectural design and build software. It's super full 37 More Answers

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How to download AutoCAD 2d c

claudia, Student • 2015
Kero, Architect

You may find this link could help >>

BIM/CAD Software

How many people are using G

Scott, Architect • 2015

I'm starting to hear a lot of noise from our users about Graphisoft's tablet based BIMx tool?How many people are actively using it and do you find it useful?

Gareth, Architectural Draftsperson

I have recently started to involve some my clients with BIMx. And, they love it. At this stage I am using it in the concept stages of the design. When I get the confidence, I'll eventually use it for the final drawings too.

Plotting of a particular vie

pauly • 2014

I am battling to plot a particular scale sized view of a drawing in Revit. how would i be able to plot a certain scaled view.


Is there a way of reposition

miked • 2014

Is there any way of repositioning the origin point ( 0,0,0) over a reference point elsewhere in a drawing besides the centre point so that i could work out position placement.

utilising other software pla

gregco • 2014

Will any other Architectural or engineering softwares convert a file, so that either Revit or Archicad are able to import or model them. Also what would be the standard way of saving a file to ensure any and all info is carried across.

BIM/CAD Software

Using Revit over other platf

miked • 2014

Is Revit the better package to use as i have heard that Archicad has some great functionality and i have only briefly looked at the software. Are there any other major Architectural platforms that would be good to use.

BIM/CAD Software

What is an acceptable font t

gregco • 2014

I have tried many different fonts, so confused as to which one would atheistically look the best.

Using Modlar

Archicad 16 Add-ons

Brent • 2014

Although impressed by MODLAR, I can see that Archicad 14 is the latest program add-on. Will this be updated to include AC16 and for the AC15 user's as well?

Scott, Architect

yes they're coming very soon! 1 More Answer

frameless sliding door?

kerri, Architect • 2014

How can I make a D2 Sliding 16 door that is frameless? I'm using ArchiCAD 17. I've tried to set the frame to 0" but it keeps giving me a little bit of wall at the ends. And when I've played with the reveal setting, I get a weird air space between the door and the... Read More

how i can insert textures in

miguel, Architect • 2013

I need insert new texture in archicad, but I need create a new material whit new 2d and new name but i dont now !!... excuse my english !!..

Scott, Architect

You need to go to the ArchiCAD material manager. From there you can duplicate an existing one, then adjust the 2D and texture image settings as you please.

seeking casework?

Terrence, Architect • 2013

are there any good useful casework BIM objects here that are modeled in ArchiCAD? I am seeking objects that are frameless and framed.                          thnks

Modlar, Modlar Administrator

There are a few in the library. Do you mean for Kitchen casework? Also which version of ArchiCAD are you running?

Can you still buy older vers

Frank, Student • 2013

I know this is a random question but can you still buy older version of ArchiCAD, legally of course? Just asking as I would assume they might be cheaper than the latest version.

Sonia, Architect

You can transfer the license to your name, I think, when buying from someone but Graphisoft charge a pretty penny for that. 2 More Answers

Why does trace reference mak

michael • 2012

It annoys me how slow AC becomes when I use trace reference, could someone please tell me how I could speed it up?

Hans, Architect

I know many people have this problem but the slowness may also be down to your computer. 1 More Answer

BIM/CAD Software

ArchiCAD and Cinema 4D or Ar

Daniel • 2012

I want to produce some high end renders from my ArchiCAD models so am looking for a piece of software to achieve this. I've got it down to either Cinema 4D or Artlantis but can't decide, what have others used?

If you want the easy road, Artlantis is the way to go. Cinema 4D offers more features than Artlantis, but Artlantis is easier to learn & use and runs super fast. You can do quick radiosity renderings using the Artlantis rendering engine (which, in many situations, may be all you'll ever need to do), plus in Artlantis you've also got the o... 1 More Answer

Decent car objects for Archi

michael • 2012

I have a presentation to do to a client next week and want to show some nice realistic cars in the project's garage (both in 3D & 2D). The client isn't going to be excited by the box shaped ones currently in the ArchiCAD 14 library!

Modlar, Modlar Administrator

Hi Michael, there are a few ArchiCAD cars on our network already. If you search via the ArchiCAD/cars tag:

Moving from a trial version

Marco Antonio, Architect • 2012

I'm currently using an ArchiCAD trial version, if I decide to buy the 'full' version will I be able to convert/transfer my files?

Rachel, Architect

I haven't done this but I have heard that when you buy the actual ArchiCAD the trial version automatically switches to 'full' version and the files you created in the trial version will be converted to your new 'full' ArchiCAD files. But this only works if you are using the same computer for both the trial and full version. Hope that helps! 3 More Answers

Workshops for ArchiCAD?

Tom, Architect • 2012

Like my previous question, but this time for ArchiCAD, are there any workshops, seminars or webinars available? Maybe even ones run by independents?

C2Architect, Architect

You could start by looking at the Graphisoft website where they have many resources that can point you in the correct direction regarding education and training for ArchiCAD. The tutorials that they have are step by step with accompanying videos that teach as you go and are excellent. Beyond that if you want more, Eric Bobrow is an excellent... 4 More Answers

How do I make doors and wall

William • 2012

How can I make the windows and doors always appear this way.

However if you're using AC 10 or lower try 3D Window Settings > Effects > Transparency in Shading, then select off. 1 More Answer

I lost my office standards!

????????, Architect • 2012

I've just upgraded and lost all my old office standards! How can I get them back

????????, Architect

I wouldn't import your Work Environment from your old AC as you'll get a duplicate of your old custom palettes/menus etc. 2 More Answers

I'm looking for ArchiCAD add

????????, Architect • 2012

What are some great ArchiCAD add-ons and which ones should I be using.

SketchUp, Google Maps, Google 3D Warehouse for Archicad ("The Google Earth Connections add-on package"), Piranesi and Cinema 4D, are all add-ons for ArchiCAD. 1 More Answer

BIMx: how to share?

Amado • 2012

I want to show my clients my BIM models, is BIMx the easiest way to share it with them.

Additionally, the BIMx Community Site provides means for you to post it on there. 2 More Answers

In ArchiCad is there such th

Ramanefer, Architect • 2012

Is there a tracking command in ArchiCAD and how can I use.

Kero, Architect

To be it a bit more clear to enter your distance; if you want to your chair to be 10" from the horizontal wall and 3" from the vertical wall, then type y 0-10+, type x 0-3- and hit enter. 1 More Answer

In ArchiCAD how do I reduce

Francois, Architect • 2012

My ArchiCAD project file is getting very large, are there some quick ways to reduce it?

You can also use attribute manager to delete unused fills and layers. Options > Element Attributes > Attribute Manager, but I would only do this as a last resort. 2 More Answers