Autodesk Revit Questions

What's BIM?

Wu, Architect • 2013

BIM is Building information modeling,but what's information in the model? Thanks

The information in the model is what I call the DNA of the model. It is Datum information which provides the framework for the model components. It is Annotation information which transforms a simple model into a set of Construction Documents. It is Analytical Information which communicates with 2nd party analytical software. It is phasing, s... 1 More Answer

How to reduce file size in R

Kris • 2013

I'm already at 390mb and I need to know how to reduce my file size, any suggestions?

Save it as another file, this sometimes works. 9 More Answers

What render software to use

Costel • 2013

Hi, could anyone tell me the best render software (and that is not to expensive), as I would really like to do some professional renders for my current projects in Revit 2013.

I like Lumion. 5 More Answers

How do I lock Revit families

Emery • 2013

Hi, I’m dipping my hand into creating Revit objects is there anyway to lock the files so no-one can edit them?

Michael, Architect

If you are in a work sharing environment, don't lock or pin anything with the possible exception of the structural grid. Later in the job, users working on CD development will waste more time on unlocking than on productive work. My experience is that users rarely think through their locking schemes. I have found work that was plainly wrong t... 5 More Answers

What is an 'average' file si

miked • 2012

I'm a little bit worried about my current file size, I'm at 350mb and not even finished yet! What is an acceptable file size to have?

There are many variables to consider with respect to file size - complexity of the design, size of the building, number of levels, source of the content loaded, end-user methodologies, and certainly L.O.D. To answer your question, any file size is acceptable as long as it still performs well. In my 7+ years with Revit, I've never had a projec... 6 More Answers