Architecture Questions


I Need some Arch Model for i

Ahmad, Urban Designer • 4d
Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Ahmad, what software are you working with?


How To Modify Your Settings

Mandy, Project Manager • Feb 8

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The file that I downloaded d

Fallo, Student • Jan 28


Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Fallo, Which product or BIM object did you try to download? Could you copy the URL for me?


What are the disadvantages o

Season, Architect • Jan 19

I need a list of disadvantages of ArchiCAD from user experience.

Praveen, Interior Designer

Hello Season. Below are the disadvantages of ArchiCAD: custom articles require GDL scripting, numerous old workarounds are never completely fathomed, a few expansions are never legitimately refreshed and less-utilized API. 1 More Answer


Architectural Rendering Serv

3dpraxis studio, Architect Office - Other • Dec 25

Hi guys, I'm looking for professional 3d visualization company. Could you advise me some? Thanks for your help!

Praveen, Interior Designer

If you are looking for 3D visualization company then I recommended going for 1 More Answer


how to bulk download bim mod

Tyler, Architect • Dec 15

how to bulk download bim models for favorited products?

Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Tyler, we do not have a bulk download option yet, but having saved the products, you will be able to find them easily. Open each product individually and you will see the 'Downloads' tab on the right, unless there are no files attached to the products. If it has the file you want, tick that option and click on Download. Your computer will...


Hi, downloading is ok, but e

Steve, Architectural Draftsperson • Dec 7
Steve, Architectural Draftsperson

36 inch Built-In French Door Bottom-Freezer T36BT810NS everything works, download but uncompress it does not work 1 More Answer


I'm unable to load *.gsm fil

Richard, Architect Office - Other • Nov 26
Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Richard, Most of our objects are password protected to avoid errors when the user tries to directly open the object file. You can load object into the project library and use it in the project normally without opening it. You can change the settings through the object interface settings as well. Please let me know if you are still having i...


Hi, How can i use my saved f

birol, Architectural Draftsperson • Nov 16

Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Lutfar, To download BIM files, first make sure that the product you are looking at has files to download. If it doesn't have a tab on the right hand side that says 'Downloads', then there are no files to download. If there is a tab there, tick the format you want to download the file in and then click on 'Download' underneath. 2 More Answers


After saving the product, ho

Nathan F • Nov 3
Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Nathan, now that you have saved the products you will be able to find them easily. They will be in your folder, which you can access by clicking on 'MY FOLDER' on the top right of the page. To download the BIM files, open each product individually and you will see the 'Downloads' tab on the right. If the product has a file attached to it t...


Revit software for students

Richmond, Student • Oct 22

Hello, I am a student starting architectural drawings. Can I get Revit architecture software for free?

Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Richmond, I have had a look on Revit's website for you and I think it might be possible. Have a look here: . Good luck!


where do I find 3D blocks fo

richard, Interior Designer • Sep 20
richard, Interior Designer

Thank you, I'll try! 1 More Answer


Can you provide me with 2d C

jose, Architectural Draftsperson • Sep 15
Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Jose, we do have a few 2D files for the product, that you can download here: by ticking the '2D' field and then clicking on download. I hope that is what you are looking for.


Could you provide me a 2D Pl

JJ, Contractor • Sep 2
Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi JJ, unfortunately we don't have that file for you.


Where are the products saved

harshada, Student • Aug 10
Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Harshada, when you click the 'save' button on the products they are put in a folder on our website. To access your saved products, you click on 'My Folders' which is at the very of the page next to your profile photo. Alternatively, if you mean the BIM objects and product info PDF's that you can download from the product pages, these would...


If you could work with any a

Liz, Modlar Administrator • Aug 7

It can be past or present...

Roger, Architect



Interested in developing BIM

PABLO, Architect • Jul 26

Hello, I´m the architect of the technical department of Palautec omega bricks: My Company is interested on developing BIM objects and families of our products for the intern... Read More

Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Pablo, Would you be able to email us at so we can help you further?


Do you believe micro-houses

Liz, Modlar Administrator • Jul 25

Following our article , I want to know what you think... Are we all going to start building microhouses?


how can i download 3d models

Silas, Architect • Jun 20
Lucille, Modlar Administrator

Hi, Here are two links for BIM files for gates and railings, on the right hand side is an option for downloads, please select the file format you would like to download, and the download will begin automatically.


Do you have revit file for d

Julian, Architect • May 12

Lucille, Modlar Administrator

Hi Julian, What product were you specifically looking for, please? Any product with a Revit file available will be shown down the right hand side of the product page. Thanks, Lucille


When I try to open the zip f

jeddah • Apr 23
Lucille, Modlar Administrator

Hi Jeddah, Can you please provide a link for the product you are referring to and we will look into it for you. Thanks, Lucille


sir. if i have to download a

GEORGE, Architect Office - Other • Apr 13
Lucille, Modlar Administrator

Hi, there are no fees or charges when downloading Revit files. Thanks


Why I cannot open the bim fi

ecem, Architect • 2017

When I try to open the zip file, it says "file is broken" When I try to import from revit, file is not existed.

Sarah, Student

me too, and im using revit 2016?? 1 More Answer


Downloading Revit2011 Compat

Steven, Architect • 2017

Some manufacturers have the latest Revit version objects only. How do I download older versions? In fact, how do I download anything? I placed some items into "My Projects" or "Favorites". Where is the button to download what I have selected? I'm specifically looki... Read More

Mike, Modlar Administrator

To download, click the products you saved in your project and click download. you need to go to the individual product page to download. Some products might not have bim/cad files... 2 More Answers


Can these objects be used in

Corey • 2017

Hi Scott, thanks for the reply. Got it sorted now. Cheers. 1 More Answer


Fashion that could inspire a

Carrie, Architect • 2016

What a superb topic. Where do you find your design inspiration? Do you refer to projects of well known architects or you like to derive inspiration from organic forms or something else?

Bobby, Architect

In addition to browsing through various blogs, I find Ted talks to be a great resource too:


What is the formula of chemi

Shawn • 2016

We have been specifying 'blackened steel' (i,e. chemically treated mild steel to give a natural, blackened finish) for quite a few years and EVERY time we ask a contractor to tell us what the chemicals/method is for this they clam up like its a top secret or somethi... Read More

Anthony, Architect

Armorers created blackened steel in the Renaissance with linseed oil. They heated the steel and applied the oil in much the same fashion described by "grahame-white" above. It probably is a little less toxic than old motor oil, and because it requires multiple applications, allows for a broad color range of "blackening" . 4 More Answers


Advice on modular design aro

Gio, Interior Designer • 2016

I am student doing a Post Grad in Interior Architecture. I am using the ideas of prefab and modular design to design a fire station. I was wondering If I can send a list of questions regarding modular design methods also for professional input.


Mention your favorite Zaha H

Shruti • 2016

Deeply saddened by the death of Zaha Hadid. She was a true inspiration for architects and women around the world. Her incredible work has won her many awards some of them being the Evelyn Grace Academy, Maxxi Museum and Heydar Aliyev Cultural Centre.

JORGE, Student

is not her buildings that inspire me, is the self Zaha Hadid with her thinking to think in the impossible forms and transform it in concrete (literally) 4 More Answers


Can I use functional gray pa

Linda • 2016

The trim is already in place and stained. Don't want to paint over it.

Scott, Architect

Hi Linda, Yes of course, I seen a similar thing a few times and it looks great. Make sure to use a good waterproofing substrate or under coat behind it too. I agree if you already have the trim and it's stained, it would be a shame to paint over it, as new oak trim is very expensive. 1 More Answer


Contemporary Catholic Church

Larry, Student • 2016

Examples with easily accessible architectural drawings and 3Ds preferably

Cari, Architect

ArchiCAD? It would be interesting to know. 2 More Answers


At what point does high-rise

gregco • 2015

What I mean is: Is there a certain point in design where for buildings over a certain height the construction cost, start to accelerate ever faster?I've heard anything over 30 floors high, starts to get expensive. Due to construction costs and design that's needed.

Scott, Architect

A huge factor will be where the project is being constructed. The local market for labor and materials is going to have just as much impact on this, and it will totally vary based on where the project is being constructed. 2 More Answers