Rem Koolhaas, designing through writing?

I have been studying Koolhaas and his design process. There is indeed no clear style in his design but something that became really interesting is the fact he is said to design his architecture through his writings or books. At least that is what I can grasps from my research so far. Is there any clear example of book or writing that he has written in order to design his buildings? Any help would really be appreciated :)

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Answers (2)

gregco • 2014

A few of weeks ago I began compiling a (personal/Quondam) OMA/Koolhaas dossier (4813f-4813y), and, so far, I wouldn't say Koolhaas "design[s] his architecture through his writings or books." Certain design themes from "Exodus" and Delirious New York do recur throughout the oeuvre, however. More to the point, perhaps, it may well be that the now vast oeuvre itself continually breeds new design ideas.

Bobby, Architect • 2014

On Bullshit by Harry Frankfurt. Not by Rem but it will help you understand him.