Rowan Moore on Zaha Hadid

pauly From Rowan Moore's article in The Guardian: "At some point in the last decade Hadid and her office could have used their new-found fame and status in one of two ways. They could have addressed their weak spot, which is the high degree of difficulty that it requires to realize their works, in such ways that they really might transform the everyday experiences of living in cities. Or they could have set about creating ever more elaborate and disconnected icons. Which, unfortunately, is what they chose to do."

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Answers (2)

gregco • 2014

who's to say that zaha and patrik have not in fact burnt the trail that eventually leads to transforming "the everyday experience of living in cities"? took 40 years just to get the drawings off the page. lets see what another 40 does.

Bobby, Architect • 2014

I hate Zaha Hadid's style and her way of defining Architecture... I always had troubles with one professor who wants the students to think "Zaha Hadid"!