Is my job legit?

I am working at a firm in Miami full time on a 1099, the entire firm is employed on 1099's, even the people who have been there for years. ( firm size 10 people including the boss) I graduated from a top ten arch program right when the recession hit and was unable to find a job for a very long time, so I leaped at the first offer went my way. I have no prior experience and have only been working at the firm for 4 months and need advice , I am working full time but I think there are huge ethical issues going on here. I am on a 1099 and only get paid 17 an hour. Is that fair? I don't think I have enough experience on the job to apply elsewhere?? But then again I technically don't work for the firm. What should I do? What pay is reasonable? I live in Miami.

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Answers (2)

Bobby, Architect • 2014

whatever you think you are worth, double it, cause that is how much you will pay in taxes at the end of the year...I would get on a quarterly payment schedule, with the IRS otherwise you are going to be hurting around tax time.

gregco • 2014

Short answer? No.