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Can a Revit file be worked o

Gavin, Architectural Draftsperson • Aug 9
Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Gavin, I have done a little research for you and I think this might answer your question: . Let me know if that doesn't help.

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What software do you use mos

Liz, Modlar Administrator • Aug 7
Roger, Architect


BIM/CAD Software

How to use this in software

Jeevan, Engineer • Jun 9

I had seen many products in this i want to know how it can be used in software revit

Lucille, Modlar Administrator

Hi there, Here is a helpful link that has many tutorials and information that will help you to get started with using Revit software, Enjoy! Thanks, Lucille Thanks, Lucille

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Sherwin-Williams Revit batch

Bryce, Architectural Draftsperson • Jun 1

Is there a way to download all 1,555 colors at once for revit? Sometimes the laptop is away from the internets.

Lucille, Modlar Administrator

Hi there, Unfortunately all Sherwin-Williams products are only available for individual download, sorry. Thanks, Lucille

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Disappointing -2D and 3D app

Leonie, Student • Apr 17

Just downloaded the ArchiCAD LCF (library container file) - ovens, steam oven and cooktops, from the Miele Australian website to use in ArchiCAD 20. The 'custom settings' display the models settings etc. correctly, however the objects 2D and 3D displayed appearance... Read More

PJ, Architect

I Just had the same experience. Incredibly disappointing. Add to this no DWG files for elevations etc. 2 More Answers

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Zip files instead of single

Elmer, Architectural Draftsperson • Mar 9

I downloaded my first 2 files a bit ago. They were zip files not single files. Is there any way to download a single since Revit will only open a single? I'm new at Revit and maybe someone has a better way to work with this situation? Thanks!

Elmer, Architectural Draftsperson

Scott, It was the Bosch appliances. I got the zip part. I use them all the time but I had to open the zip twice to get to the single Revit file that Revit needed. Seems like some items are double/triple wrapped. Thanks for the follow up. 1 More Answer

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Why can't I download any fam

yahsop, Engineer • Dec 22

Why can't I download any family

Mike, Modlar Administrator

Hi Yahsop, which products are you looking to download?

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How to use v-ray software fo

murali, Engineer • Dec 16

In Revit 2013 version, how to use v-ray software for the purpose of best rendering process.

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How can I download this on m

Robert, Engineer • Sep 27

I am using archicad 12

Mustapha, Architect

l am using archicad 16 1 More Answer

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What is the diff b/w BIM and

DINESH, Architect • Sep 23
Modlar, Modlar Administrator

Dinesh, here's a link to an earlier discussion Hope you find it useful!

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Revit Architecture 2010 comp

Paul • Sep 22

Is there any chance I can get some of your families in a Revit 2010 format? I know, I know, it's 8 years old and not supported anymore but, it still works fine for me. I'm looking for a shower stall I can put in a bathroom. You have a few that are very interesting b... Read More

Mike, Modlar Administrator

Hi Paul, let us know of the specific product you're interested in & we'll check it for you.

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How can I find the password

Agathe, Architect • 2016
Scott, Architect

You need to load the file via ArchiCAD's object library manager to the project your working on. If you just try opening the file, it will try to open the GDL object's script, which is password protected by the manufacturer..

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This Thermador Archicad file

Jim, Architect • 2016

The file is for the 24 inch Built-In Wine Preservation Column T24IW800SP. One would assume that the password protection was done in error and the file should be uploaded without it.

Mike, Modlar Administrator

Most of our ArchiCAD objects are password protected to avoid errors when the user tries to directly open the object file. You can load object into the project library and use it in the project normally without opening it. You can change the settings through the object interface settings as well.

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Autodesk Revit Family doesnt

Charles, Architect • 2016

When loading a door, I expect the RFA to host onto a wall. This is not the case, not does the family create a void where the wall and door intersect. Am I perhaps not understanding this family?

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What is Building Information

Shi, Student • 2016
Mike, Modlar Administrator

Hi Shi, a thread to an earlier questions on BIM Take a look at some other discussions on BIM 1 More Answer

BIM/CAD Software

How I can use that family in

wassim, Architect • 2016

Internal wall finish

BIM/CAD Software

Do I need a password to open

Henrik • 2016

I downloaded (for the first time) an object from your site and when I wanted to open it in ArchiCAD I was asked for a password. I tried the one I used to sign in on your page, but without any success. How does it work?

Scott, Architect

Hi, this is because you have tried to open the object file's script, which is locked by the manufacturer.. In order to use the archicad object you need to add it to your ArchiCAD project. This can be done by adding it via your archicad library manager. Hope that helps!

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Do I download from OTHER 3D

Alice, Architect • 2016
Mike, Modlar Administrator

There is no Vectorworks file available to download for this model, you can download autocad from 'OTHER' and import into Vectorworks project.

BIM/CAD Software

What type of barriers will I

gregco • 2016

What's the cost implementation going to be like? Basically, what are the pros and cons of using BIM?

Philip, Architect

Adding one more thought...the aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, and consumer electronics products sectors have been employing sophisticated 3D modeling and simulation systems for design, manufacturing and assembly for years. Its long overdue for the architectural profession to become fluent in BIM technologies, pushing their use to the limi... 6 More Answers

BIM/CAD Software

What's the password for the

obaida, Architect • 2016

What is the password to open the file?

Martin, Architect


BIM/CAD Software

How are sensors connected to

Deniz, Student • 2016

Hi, I'm a seniour Civil Engineering student and I'm writing my thesis on integration of BIM and FM programs. Right now I'm working on the sensors and the data transfer from sensors to FM systems. Other than using BIM in 3D modelling programs, it is possbile to find... Read More

Henrique, Architect

Programs with platform for use BIM and BIM OPEN , Vectorworks is the most plastic, with a drawing engine based on Cinema4D and easy to use . I use Vectorworks more than 8 years and not change. 1 More Answer

BIM/CAD Software

Why are some ArchiCAD object

Vincius • 2016
Scott, Architect

Hi there, I assume you mean for the ArchICAD file? It looks like he script is protected, however just make sure you load it properly then it'll be find. To do this, add the object file to the project via the Library manager, this will then add it to your library or you can try drag and dropping it onto your project floor plan. However if you...

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How are IFC Files used in de

Alan • 2016

How are IFC files actually used? Are they editable? I've been put in charge of BIM because I have 30 years CAD experience. But the people in charge don't really understand BIM and I'm not getting the training! Anyway, what i want to know is: How if an IFC file ACTUA... Read More

Cari, Architect

Hey Alan, editting an IFC element doesn't imply meyhem... you can move them around to your hearts content, and if they are composed of a typical archicad object, you can edit to the heart is content. Where you run into trouble is if the object is a particular manufacturers product and you change it, well, it'snot really their product anymore... 8 More Answers

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Can I find this library in A

Gisele • 2016

I'm working with vectorwork, but I don't know how to import your appliances (Revit) to my draws using Vector.

Mike, Modlar Administrator

This model currently available in Revit file format but more formats coming soon. We will send your request to manufacturer and stay tuned !

BIM/CAD Software

Why I am being asked for a p

mohamed, Engineer • 2016
Mike, Modlar Administrator

You can load object into the project library and use it in the project normally without open it, and you change settings through the object interface settings as well. Hope this could help.

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How do I open an ArchiCAD fi

Stefan, Manufacturer • 2016

How do I open the GSM file? It asks me for a password, that I cannot find anywhere on your site. Thank you! Stefan.

You can drag and drop an ArchiCAD object file directly to your project floorpan and this will automatically add it to the project! However if you just open it like a file, ArchiCAD will try and "open" the object's script, which in the case of this file is password protected - this is protected so you don't accidentally break something! And th... 1 More Answer

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How can I put this BIM Objec

Gaby • 2016

I want to put this ATM Machine in my project. Could anyone help me?

Mike, Modlar Administrator

You could try export the above Revit file to IFC and then load it into ArchiCAD project.

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Which architecture software

Carrie, Architect • 2016

There are so many options available and cost effectiveness is my priority, so I want to make sure I make the right choice.

Fernando, Architect

The day I tried the Archicad, never had doubts. I never found any cad more complete to architectural design and build software. It's super full 37 More Answers

BIM/CAD Software

Once I download this, how do

Kevin • 2016
Kero, Architect

Load Archicad object library into the project via File > Libraries and Objects > Library Manager, then you can review the objects via Toolbox. Hope this help.

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Archicad asks me a password

nadeem, Student • 2016
Modlar, Modlar Administrator

Most of our ArchiCAD object have got password protected to avoid the error when user try to directly open the object file. You can load object into the project library and use it in the project normally without open it, and you change settings through the object interface settings as well. Hope this could help.

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How do I upload the gsm file

Cosmin, Engineer • 2016
Cosmin, Engineer

thank you! But AC 15 won't open the gsm file : "unknown document version.cannot read library part" 1 More Answer

BIM/CAD Software

How does the search & downlo

Laura, Student • 2015

I am not completely sure how to use the library and the search & download option. How is it possible to drag and drop a family from the 'search & download' window, without having to download it first on your computer and then drag it from your Document folder to you... Read More

Modlar, Modlar Administrator

Hi there, regarding to our Modlar Revit plugin tools. We have created the tools to help users easily download Revit models from our site and prompt user to place model in the project within few steps. Firstly, click Library drag & drop button to view all available models on user machine. Secondly, click Search and download button to search, s... 1 More Answer

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How to download AutoCAD 2d c

claudia, Student • 2015
Kero, Architect

You may find this link could help >>

BIM/CAD Software

Is there a way to link your

mahdie, Architect • 2015

Is there a way to link your updated Revit family models with my local Revit library on my PC.

Scott, Architect

Currently Autodesk Revit does have any native way to pull in updated Revit families. There a few third party plugins, but I haven't come across any that work really well. Most of our users find the direct downloads to Dropbox or work well as a simple way of keeping their company wide libraries up to date.

BIM/CAD Software

How can I build a railway br

Zerihun • 2015

A bit tricky but I need to build a railway bridge in Autodesk Revit. Has anyone done this before or know of an easy way or pre-made Revit family?

Michael, Architect

The question is impossible to answer without knowing more about the design of the bridge. There is almost no such thing as a pre-made bridge (except maybe in the military.) Every bridge is unique. Revit can model almost anything you want from it. I have been using Revit since 2003 and have never found anything it can't do if you put your mind... 14 More Answers

BIM/CAD Software

How many people are using G

Scott, Architect • 2015

I'm starting to hear a lot of noise from our users about Graphisoft's tablet based BIMx tool?How many people are actively using it and do you find it useful?

I have recently started to involve some my clients with BIMx. And, they love it. At this stage I am using it in the concept stages of the design. When I get the confidence, I'll eventually use it for the final drawings too.

BIM/CAD Software

Rulesett in solibri

Joachim • 2015

Is there a rulestt to view all the components that do not coline with an other component ?

Scott, Architect

I'm sure there used to be a Solibri plugin that helps with that.