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Help identifying the style o

gregco • 2014

I've found a house that I really like, and was trying to find the exact style of the house so when I speak with other architects they understand what I am looking for.

Bobby, Architect

One of thousands of varieties of the Turn-of-the-Millennium Home Developer Mishmash Pretension Style. Perhaps in the future it will be referred to as American Late Elizabethan II Style. 1 More Answer

A swimming manatee

gregco • 2014

Save viewing this until you are an answer. After viewing the answer will come to you. Guaranteed

Bobby, Architect

Get the ball boy. 1 More Answer

SCI-arc Director Search Ques

gregco • 2014

SCI-arc Student Body: In both the immediate SCI-Arc community and Architecture as a whole, a condition has emerged where all those involved have become a shattered group of individuals, unable to join cohesively in order to communicate about the issues directly at h... Read More

Specific language please?

Needing help identifying the

gregco • 2014

I'm sorry for the naive question but I am new at this and would like to research this home a bit more. Does anyone know what style this house would be considered? It was built in 1915. A big thank you in advance!!

Bobby, Architect

why are people obsessed with this question. who cares? 1 More Answer

HELP! I want to go to grad s

gregco • 2014

I have recently decided I don't want to be a business major (even though im almost done with my degree) and I want to become an architect instead! I am having a hard time finding what kind of school to search for or what to look for. I really want to go to school in... Read More

finish your undergrad degree. it will make your future so much easier no matter what you decide to do next. 1 More Answer

How to get into urban design

gregco • 2014

Hi all, I am an urban planning student who would love to get into the field of urban and environmental design. As I understand that an urban planning degree often lack the design skills needed for the field, I am looking at studying a post graduate course next year... Read More

Bobby, Architect

I'd say MArch. Once you're done with core studios, take urban design studios. MUD is basically a combination between MArch and MUP, personally a 60/40 mix. You already have a planning background, so why not focus more on what you're lacking unless the title of the degree matters? Landscape architecture is a whole different field my friend. An... 1 More Answer

Good News/Bad News

gregco • 2014

Good News: Wife is about 10 weeks pregnant now, can tell everyone. Bad News: Laid off today, F F F F State needs to get their butts in gear and process my license

congrats man...stay home with your kid for awhile. 1 More Answer

Egress From Third Floor Resi

gregco • 2014

It is my understanding that egress from a third floor in a single family home per the IRC requires two separate stairs. Two floors and you can have a stair and a jump platform, but three floors you will need two stairs. Is that correct? I recently saw a home built... Read More

Where are you located? Local code is critical. 1 More Answer

NCARB Says my School is not

gregco • 2014

Hi All; I am in the process of starting my ARE taking an was going to request ARE testing authorization from NCARB. When I sat down to do this, I was shown to be ineligible to do this, and it seem to be because NCARB things my M.Arch is from a accredited institution... Read More

Bobby, Architect

Point them to NAAB. 1 More Answer

Is a MS in Health and Design

gregco • 2014

I'm currently applying to a few masters programs (Georgia Tech, Clemson, University of Arizona and University of Michigan) due to the availability of a master of science in health and design (or similar wording)...I'm a newlywed trying to balance choosing grad schoo... Read More

I didn't realize that anyone aspired to be an adjunct. Here's a sampling of article titles I found in a 10 second web search: 1 More Answer

Integrated digital practice?

gregco • 2014

I am trying to get a handle on who's leading the industry with the most integrated digital practice. I am talking about firms that recognize the potential for technology to reshape and reinform what architecture is and how it can benefit the practice of architecture... Read More

There are few companies that have pods that specialize in developing digital tools. Woods Bagot, NBBJ, and KPF come to mind. I'd classically include shop, but I don't know if that's true or not, anymore. 1 More Answer

Recovering video off a forma

gregco • 2014

So, I'm stupid, and formatted an SD card and thus lost a crucial video file. Been looking up ways to recover data, and have tried a few, not many to any degree of workable avail. Anyone had a similar problem and found a workable solution? Thanks a lot.

Toggle the little switch to read-only because you don't want anything to overwrite the old data. 1 More Answer

Duchamp to direct THE LUCKY

gregco • 2014

Marcel Duchamp has agreed to direct The Lucky Bums, a theatrical reenactment of Ford Madox Ford's The Good Soldier, starring Grace Princess of Monaco as Leonora Ashburnham, Rainier III Prince of Monaco as Edward Ashburnham, Flavia Maria Augusta as Florence Dowell, a... Read More

this is the saddest story i have ever heard rita 1 More Answer

Nude drawings in portfolio

gregco • 2014

Hi all, I am a high school student planning to apply for top Canadian and UK schools such as Cambrige, UCL, and McGill. Recently, my art teacher recommended doing a nude drawing based on the portfolio instruction's emphasis on life drawing. However, I do not feel ve... Read More

Bobby, Architect

All the hot girls of Montreal... there must be something in the water 1 More Answer

Building Products

I can not place/host this re

dianne • 2014
Modlar, Modlar Administrator

Thanks for your feedback. This fireplace model can place and align on the wall when you load it into the project. The fireplace model depth is 420mm and it is fix size, so back of the model may look overlap/not align with the wall if the wall thickness is less than 420mm. Hope this could help. Thanks. 5 More Answers

Building Products

I want to insert it in my ce

Linh • 2014

Or tell me why?

Modlar, Modlar Administrator

This is face-based model, have you try attached it to the ceiling in your project? Try load model in 3D view could be easier. Thanks.

If i want to work as BIm, wh

Gavin • 2014

I m currently a year 12 student and I want to become part of the BIM Sorry for bad English thank you

Ilia, Architect

I'm an Architecture student, and I spend most of my time working on BIM. Hope this helps. 1 More Answer

Standard Fromat of "Bill of

abhishek • 2014

What is the Standard Fromat of "Bill of Quantity" for Skirting in BIM and what is the easy way to calcuate it

I can not see Grids "live" i

Marius, Architect • 2014

I have set up Worksharing and set up the Worksets - Central File is on the server and local file on my desktop. Other team members can see the Grids "live" in their local files, yet I can not. What did I do wrong

BIMStop Add-on for ArchiCAD

Daniel, Architect • 2014

Any chance you can update the Add-on to work with ArchICAD 18?

Modlar, Modlar Administrator

We are currently working on our add-on tools for ArchiCAD 18 and it will be available soon.

Building Products

Im looking for sketch up mod

gino, Engineer • 2014
Modlar, Modlar Administrator

Hi gino-oca, if you look under the "BIM Downloads" tab above there are SketchUp models for this product. You can also you the search filters at the top of the screen to filter for only SketchUp models.

Do any of these models open

Chris • 2014

Saw this site in Facebook and signed up. I can't get any models to open in Cinema 4D. Is there a way to do so ? Right now I am just getting splines to show up and not full 3D objects. Thanks.

TJ, Architect

Download the free trial of sketch up. Open skp file and export. That might work. 2 More Answers

Building Products

How can I download something

chen, Architect • 2014
Antony, Manufacturer

Hi chen-longfei, Just select the product from the main page and click on the 'BiM Downloads' tab. Hit the red download button and it will start to download on to your computer. There are Revit 2014 and AutoCAD files available. Regards Antony

Building Products

Where is the link of downloa

Amir • 2014
Antony, Manufacturer

Hi amirfarkhad, just select the product from the main page and click on the 'BiM Downloads' tab. There are Revit 2014 and AutoCAD files available. Regards Antony.

Building Products

Hi gianfranco.

Antony, Manufacturer • 2014

guidetto; As you probably know you can't back save in Revit unfortunately. But what you can do is take the CAD Model and insert it in to your own new Revit Family. You will be able to assign colours and materials through the visibility/graphic override. You can do t... Read More

Building Products

Why are there no Revit files

Damofs, Engineer • 2014
Modlar, Modlar Administrator

Sorry, this product does not have Revit file available, please feel free to send us the request and we will pass it onto the manufacturer for you. Thanks.

Building Products

Lovely! How can I download

Chybuz, Architect • 2014
Antony, Manufacturer

Hi Chybuz. Adlife; All you need to do is follow the 'Downloads' link. There are Revit 2014 Families 3D AutoCAD Models and 2D AutoCAD Block's. Hope this helps

Building Products

How can I download this elem

ZION, Engineer • 2014
James, Architect

Hi, you can click the download button above! thanks

Spiral escalator?

Robert, Student • 2014

i am looking for the spiral escalator for my project. Please assist me.if it is possible help me acquire bim material for my projects and more to come.

Hi Robert. On Mitsubishi site you can find short information. http://www.mitsubishielectric.com/elevator/products/asme/escalators/spiral_es/index.html

Could you help me with const

Elias, Engineer • 2014

Perry, I'm looking for the same a car - Ford F100 yellow, but the first one is a used car or new and the second is it after crash in a tree. I need to make a compose pictures to use a book storie. Thanks Elias (emaca[email protected])

Abdul Azeem, Student


Building Products

How can I download libraries

Fortune, Architect • 2014
James, Architect

Hi, you can click the "download" button above! Thanks

Building Products

Is it a library object for A

KEVIN, Student • 2014
Modlar, Modlar Administrator

We do not have Archicad object library available for this model, but you can load attribute manager files (.aat) under ArchiCAD section and use it in any projects. Thanks.

Building Products

Why is the .rfa file 11mb?

Christopher, Architectural Draftsperson • 2014
Modlar, Modlar Administrator

The model contain curve surfaces and that increase poly count. We have reduced file size down to 6MB and hopefully it could help. Thanks.

Building Products

Link for me to download the

Daniel • 2014
Modlar, Modlar Administrator

It works fine at our end, could you please try again and let us know if it still doesn't work. Thanks.

SketchUp file does not appea

Charles, Architect • 2014

A couple of files, kitchen appliances & faucets, appear to be stainless steel & chrome yet when I open the fie in SketchUp the finishes are white. While it's possible for me to manipulate these finishes it does take time. I'm wondering is there something I'm... Read More

You may change it the way you wanted it to be in the sketchup. but if you are going to render it the material settings shall be made...

Best Programs for Architectu

pauly • 2014

Hi, I am a second year architecture student and were told that we should start learning to design on computers. I was wondering which programs are recommended and which ones are a mandatory to learn. I was also wondering where I could find tutorials to learn how to... Read More

Bobby, Architect

The current industry standard is MS Paint. All big-name firms demand this as an absolutely necessary skill. Start out with a few simple tutorials and then when you feel confident, move on to the highly advanced commands. Other students will tell you to learn "important" programs like CAD/Revit, but they're just wasting their time. No one care...


Facade Designing

pauly • 2014

Where can one learn to work hand on in facade design, some firm or masters? Do you really like some facade design firms? What do you look at when you see a facade, color or the tech?

Every major engineering firm has facades groups - TT, Arup, BuroHappold, Schlaich and so on. Then there are specialized firms like Heintges, IBA, Front Inc and the like. I believe there is also a school in Augsburg that offers a facade engineering master degree. 1 More Answer


Should Revit (BIM) influence

pauly • 2014

I'm currently in my 2nd master of architecture school and i'm slowly starting my search for my internship next year. Now I have been working with Revit Architecture (BIM) for over 4 years now and I'd rather keep using the program (although the most it was self study... Read More

Software does not make one a good, or even moderately competent architect. It's just a tool like any other and unless you have real-world experience running BIM projects, your skill level and experience can't be worth much. Best to seek entry into large, even multidisciplinary, offices that utilize all the good stuff BIM has to offer. 1 More Answer

The worst building in the wo

pauly • 2014

From the Architects Journal (UK): http://www.architectsjournal.co.uk/culture/the-worst-building-in-the-world-awards/8684797.article "In 1987 a young psychologist conducted an experiment into how repeated exposure to an image changed perceptions of it. A group of vol... Read More

Both points of view are flawed. Visual "attractiveness" (aka style) is a not a measure of housing quality or performance. Extraordinarily shallow is the only way to describe this "experiment". 1 More Answer