Why do you stay?

I've always wondered why so many people stay in this profession. These forums are filled with posters who love to gripe and complain bitterly about the field and yet do not leave for greener pastures. If the hours, pay, promotions, office politics, sexism, work product, and economic instability are so bad, why is there such an energetic turnout at the AIA convention? Trust me, I am as cynical a person as you will ever meet, and I know how frustrating worklife can be. Right now I'm an accountant and the days are deadly dull. So, just for a change, can I hear what keeps you going? Hopefully something besides salary/rent/bills, etc. Maybe I'm tired of being a cynic, but I'd like to know that other people somehow enjoy this field that (after being away from for 10 years) I still feel passionately about. Thanks.

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Answers (2)

gregco • 2014

"why is there such an energetic turnout at the AIA convention?"

Bobby, Architect • 2014

I love my job, care deeply that things are done correctly and to the best possible result. This literally makes everyday hell. There are just some many factors working against that goal.