Modlar connects Architects and Designers from the world's top firms with building products from the world's best brands.


"[Modlar] Images spark ideas while I'm working on my own projects and design challenges.  Also they help to show clients how exterior and interior materials and finishes look on built projects."

SH - Modlar Specifier
Healthcare Architect

"I enjoy the worldwide projects and find them inspiring."

John - Modlar Specifier
Director of Planning and Design

"Modlar's presentation of various designs resonates with me in terms of form and function.[It is the] best site to obtain design inspiration."

Architectural Technologist

"The images are some of the best. It is inspiring to see the best architecture from around the world.  

The best in terms of design, beauty, social importance, great design taking advantage of local materials and labor and producing a more "human" scale architecture, that users participate in the design and construction, and take pride and ownership in it. 

Product images and specifications are valuable to keep abreast of new products and systems and allow versatility for many unique design solutions. I plan continue viewing Modlar in the future."


"I have a client who expressed his vision of his dream kitchen, and specified some of the products listed on your site. My experience in locating product details & content that closely matched up to my client's equipment list was a great one!"

Austin - Modlar Specifier

"My business focuses on kitchen and bathroom design and came across your site. In particular, I was looking for appliances such as fridges, ovens, cooktops, dishwashers, washing machines etc. Finding a site like yours with lots of different manufacturers content will prove useful in future [projects]. "

Interior Designer

"Projects like the ones I see on Modlar are the reason I wanted to become an engineer in the first place. I keep coming back to the site to refresh that passion and let it drive me to do excellent work. 

[I am] fascinated by the diversity of projects and design methodologies represented on the site. I user Modlar to keep up with what is emerging on the forefront of the design industry."

Cameron - Modlar Specifier