Abusive Faculty

Good afternoon everyone. I am writing today to take survey of people's opinions, experiences and suggestions for dealing with a faculty member who fails to uphold a level professionalism in the academic arena. I am currently dealing with an instructor who regularly uses foul and inappropriate language with me, has shown hostile body language and refuses to offer any constructive feedback. Any discussion has become insanely personal and highly confrontational. thoughts, experiences, suggestions?

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Answers (2)

Bobby, Architect • 2014

Document everything, write down specific phrases and actions as they happen. Go to your student counseling office and make an appointment with a therapist, most schools offer a certain number of free sessions for each student. A therapist can help you determine a course of action via student services, if needed. After you've made and kept that appointment, go to your dean with a dispassionate and professional account of your concerns and an explanation that your concerns have become strong enough that you need to speak up and protect yourself. Your post here is appropriately vague, which is good. When you meet with a therapist and dean, use the persons's name but use the same very collected language you use here.

gregco • 2014

to be clear, you are not another member of the faculty or a peer of the faculty member you are referring to, you are a student of the instructor, and you've decided that said instructor should probably act in the manner you want them to?