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Glass & Steel Ensemble: Stru

austriakarissa, Architect • 14h

Due to the recent innovation of the facade technology, structural glazing systems have reached new heights with its glass and steel ensemble. One cannot undermine the beauty of the exposed minimal structural system as it exhibits refined craftsmanship with its high... Read More

The file will not let me ext

rachel-stocker, Designer • 16h

I am trying to download a revit and the extraction comes up with an error that the file name is too large but it will not let me change the file name. Is there any way I could get a file sent directly to me?

Sorry I lost track of our di

michael-redfern, Other • 6d

I bought a Miele Immer Besser G4481SCVI in 2014, My daugher used the apartment at that time. I have just moved in and don't have a manual. Can you tell me how to access one please?

I need to find a distributor

heidi-nelson, Technician • Jan 9

I'm looking for a distributor of this material. The one I was using has quit stocking these materials and I need a new one. Preferably one that can ship out within a day or two of ordering.

Organized living have a great list of vendors available on their site. So best to look for the local one:

Are the Revit models the act

hwjthoj, Engineer • Jan 9

I see that the layouts are 2' 2 97/256" but I was wondering if they can go up to 3 feet tall? Are there pedestals that the ovens can stand on to increase the elevation? In addition, does the gagenau cooktop go on top of the ovens?


How to Design Contemporary S

lucia-ramirez, Architect • Jan 2

Building in indigenous zones can be very sensitive. Sometimes in trying to honor an ancient culture, you end up mangling their heritage, and making a wrong decision that could enrage a whole community; and by ignoring them completely, can lead to a big disservice t... Read More

jamesx, Designer

Very Cool. I learned a lot.


Linking Architecture & Techn

austriakarissa, Architect • Jan 2

Interactive systems were all the hype during this festive season. Some of the recent emerging technologies yield a functional crossover with architecture. Mostly responsive systems, technology has provided an innovative outlet for the transformation of architecture... Read More

lucia-ramirez, Architect

Kinetic architecture is my favorite of the three when it comes to making a project look "festive".I feel like Interaction Design (user experience design, UX) should be integrated to all sorts of projects, including homes, and it's a topic I'd like to explore more since it could have so many applications.


Cut the Grain: Wood Veneer T

austriakarissa, Architect • Jan 2

Wood veneer is a beauty in itself with its exceptionality in texture, color, figure and grain. Determined by the cutting method of the log relative to its growth rings as well as the selection of the veneer species, most architectural components are aesthetically e... Read More

What Temperature can the She

eric-brittan, Engineer • Dec 23

I'm looking to paint exterior stairs in Rockville, MD in January. Can you send me a spec sheet on the Sherwin Williams paint product SW0038 Library Pewter . Thanks,

Hi Eric, good question! From memory it should be totally fine, but as you say best to check the spec sheet they provide. You can download it here:

BIM/CAD Software

Why can't I download any fam

yahsop-alroainy, Engineer • Dec 22

Why can't I download any family

cooper, Modlar Administrator

Hi Yahsop, which products are you looking to download?


Reaching for the Sky: From T

lucia-ramirez, Architect • Dec 22

Through the ages, humans have been trying to reach the very heavens through architecture. But why do we aim to touch the sky? There have been, and are, many reasons human beings erect high buildings; those reasons go from the utilitarian to the esoteric, and unders... Read More

Building Products

Is this a commercial grade D

dayo-arowona, Engineer • Dec 21

I wanted to specify this to replace a similar faucet used in a public facility

Yes all of these Delta faucets appear to be commercial grade. I've seen them in a. few places before and they look very hard wearing.


3D Files Usage License

jonathan-sace, Designer • Dec 19

Hi, we are doing a 3D generated images of our blinds and we want to use your 3D files if possible. The images will be use for showcasing blinds in the kitchen, bedroom etc. Do we need to get a license to use your 3d files? ThanksJonathan

Hi Jonathan, yes that should be fine. Please go ahead just make sure to credit the manufacturer where appropriate!

BIM/CAD Software

How to use v-ray software fo

murali-guru, Engineer • Dec 16

In Revit 2013 version, how to use v-ray software for the purpose of best rendering process.


Desert Dwellings: How to Des

lucia-ramirez, Architect • Dec 15

A desert environment is hostile by nature; building in the desert means having to prepare your design to withstand extreme sunlight and heat, and relentless cold temperatures- all in one day. Nature inspired solutions Even if it seems impossible to live in such a... Read More


How to Construct Timber Roof

veronica-romualdez, Other • Dec 14

The roof is probably one of the most, if not the most important part of a building as it protects everything inside a building - including its occupants. The roof truss is a strong, triangulated framework usually made from timber and provides support for a roof. Tr... Read More

Yes, I will need to find a better photo showing truss framework next time and not just the triangular roof characteristic of truss construction. 1 More Answer

Building Products

What is the password to open

adr-poub, Other • Dec 11
cooper, Modlar Administrator

Hi Adr, Most of our ArchiCAD products have passwords. You can load object into the project library and use it in the project normally without opening it. You can change the settings through the object interface settings as well.

Using Modlar

Uploading pictures

anindita-chaudhary, Other • Dec 7

How do I upload pictures to the company account?

cooper, Modlar Administrator

Hi Anindita, which company account do you want to upload pictures to?

Building Products

Is there the next size a 28

kane-lochhead, Architect • Dec 7
cooper, Modlar Administrator

Hi Kane, you can find all the Bosch Ventilation products here:


Public Realm: Urban Park Str

austriakarissa, Architect • Dec 6

The modern urban park is not only considered a focal point of a neighborhood, but also a node for social interaction of the public realm - the residents and visitors of the community. Such design strategies would include principles of open spaces and recreation, ch... Read More


Inox: Stainless Steel Finish

austriakarissa, Architect • Dec 6

Providing a range of architectural benefits, this low-maintenance and corrosion-resistant building material produces a multitude of applications from the small kitchen to towering skyscrapers. A powerhouse material on its own with the inert ability to be transforme... Read More


Saving the Night from Light

veronica-romualdez, Other • Dec 1

You've heard of air, noise and water pollution numerous times but light pollution is less known. This type of pollution which is defined as poorly installed light using inefficient lighting or excessive lighting, not only masks views of the night sky but also cause... Read More

Light should only be put on when necessary and not always


Soil as a Structural Materia

lucia-ramirez, Architect • Dec 1

Earth construction is one of the oldest building methods around. Now that architects around the world are more concerned than ever with climate change and green alternatives, choosing this eco-friendly and cheap source is looking very appealing- but still very unkn... Read More

vivien, Designer

The Windhover Contemplative Center ( is technically out west in Palo Alto, California outside of a desert setting. It seems to be doing well! Granted, its lowest temperature doesn't reach freezing... 1 More Answer


How to Design a Trendy Conte

lucia-ramirez, Architect • Nov 23

For a while now, wineries have been becoming more than storage units and factories: they embody the spirit of the wine they produce, they display the concept the winery is trying to sell. Wine is more than just a beverage, it's an experience, which is why many wine... Read More


Sound Travels: Acoustic Trea

austriakarissa, Architect • Nov 23

Acoustical comfort in the office not only pertains to the specific materials used to mitigate the physical sound but also the ability of a workspace to conduct concentrative, interactive and confidential work. Such cases would be to find the equilibrium with findin... Read More


Conventional and Innovative:

austriakarissa, Architect • Nov 22

From structural to aesthetics, the various functions and practical applications of wood in architectural buildings such as churches, government, residential and commercial structures will always be underrated. Starting from the traditional, conventional wood frame... Read More

jamesx, Designer


Building Products

I wish to buy a Stockbridge

michael-cowe, Other • Nov 22
cooper, Modlar Administrator

Good choice! You can check out the manufacturer website for the locations near you.


Concrete Blocks: Waffle Slab

austriakarissa, Architect • Nov 16

In reference to the conventional construction method of two-way flat slab, such need for longer spans and heavier loads necessitate the increased slab thickness for the deflection limit. The increased slab thickness then turns the dead load into the main design loa... Read More

murilo-ng, Architect

I have created a parametric Waffle Slab object for ArchiCAD: (Click on the gear icon and choose English subtitles.)


How Architecture and Enginee

lucia-ramirez, Architect • Nov 14

Architecture can't exist without engineering, as much as some would like to think otherwise- thanks to engineering, our buildings stand strong and many seemly impossible things become possible. But, can architects do an engineer's job? Can engineers do an architect... Read More


Visual Merchandising 101: De

austriakarissa, Architect • Nov 3

Visual Merchandising is the art and science of subtle selling technique incorporated with architectural and design methods in the retail industry. A silent salesperson in itself, the aesthetics of pop-up retail spaces or leasable stalls speaks to the users from th... Read More


Go Green: Sustainable Tropic

austriakarissa, Architect • Nov 3

From the integration of passive design measures and energy efficiency, use of alternative water sources, selection of construction materials for healthy indoor environment, consideration of lower embodied energy materials, and finally, to the restoration of ecologi... Read More

dom-cox-riba, Architect

Allow only live-work car-free developments (equipped with broadband) to remove traffic congestion loads on urban infrastructure and undermine the car fetishism associated with middle class aspiration. Use only materials available locally that are not required to be transported by diesel truck, or made remotely in factories. That promotes loca...

Building Products

Why are you uploading .dwgs

chris-baze, Other • Nov 2

They are not native Revit families, not parametric, and worthless


Considerations for Building

lucia-ramirez, Architect • Oct 31

One of the hardest climates to build for is a cold one; the wrong design could leave you with a cold home, dripping walls, peeling paint, colds and other mishaps. Architecture can be used as a tool to make homes better equipped to bear it. Below are some ways archi... Read More

hubbahamster, Technician

Thermal resistance and condensation. Are these subjects that need to be discussed on an Architect website. Surely they are both basic subjects that all architects, architectural technologist, designers and product developers should know about and are basic subjects through all architectural educationa. . It is basic knowledge.

Building Products

What is the actual size of t

dean-urevig, Designer • Oct 31

I downloaded the image files and need to map them to an AutoCAD 3d solid so I need to know the actual size of the image.

Building Products

Can I have the ArchiCAD pass

alfonso-olguinlopez, Other • Oct 28

Hi, I need the password to open this product in ArchiCAD. Thanks.

cooper, Modlar Administrator

Most of our ArchiCAD products have passwords. You can load object into the project library and use it in the project normally without opening it. You can change the settings through the object interface settings as well.


Marble: A Classic Beauty's I

austriakarissa, Architect • Oct 25

Exquisite and an elegant material per se, the veined and fine-textured compressive marble ranges in application from residential to commercial, from interior to exterior, and from slabs to veneer tiles. Marble blocks or panels are usually cut, handled, packaged, sh... Read More