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How to comment on Revit fami

Patrick, Architect • 5d

I downloaded the Revit files for this LVT product. It looks like someone spent a lot of time creating the family. It has tons of data and lots of options. However, it isn't really useful for several reasons. How can we give feedback to the creators to get it improve... Read More

Polyflor Luxury Vinyl Tiles & Planks (LVT) library BIM contents
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Hello i still don't understa

Prosper, Student • Nov 5

There are different types of woven image materials, do i download them individually or how exactly? Again, please what's the essence for saving an image here in a folder?

Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Prosper, some of Woven Image product pages have just one material, but most are grouped together so you get to download multiple files at a time. Saving to folders helps you keep track of your favorite products and photos, but to download files you need to be on each product's page and find the 'Download' button on the right-hand side. 1 More Answer

Woven Image EchoPanel Tile

material of yellow frames

Gabriel, Architect • Oct 31

hi there, are steel panels the material of the frames and are they attached to a concrete wall or steel frame? thanks in advace! g

Hub Creatic - Entrance
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is there a revit model from

yasmeen, Interior Designer • Oct 27
Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Yasmeen, unfortunately there are no Revit files for this product.

FW34 Mila Coffee Table
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can I have these objects lik

Lilia, Architect • Oct 22


Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Lilia, unfortunately this manufacturer does not have any BIM/CAD files.

Tria Pendant Light

Are file format conversions

Claire, Interior Designer • Oct 16

I'd like to be able to use the Delta Bath Trinsic FG559LF in Maya, so I need a .obj or .fbx file. Is there any way to get one of these formats?

Claire, Interior Designer

Thanks for getting back to me Liz! I wonder if anyone knows if it's even possible to convert to one of the formats I need. I don't have much experience in this specific arena. Can a Revit file be conveted to an .obj or .fbx? Is it even possible? 1 More Answer

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Archicad Miele cook top file

Bernard, Architect • Oct 2

File created by Kirsten Bursell at Cadswift PTY Ltd Get error "invalid 3D symbol - Open the library part for editing and check for 3D script errors"

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Where can I find this shelvi

NAVABEH, Interior Designer • Oct 1
Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Navabeh, I am not sure if this brand sells to the US market, but you can get in touch with them here: https://www.rimadesio.it/

Cover Freestanding Storage System
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how can I download a revit f

CONSTANTIN, Engineer • Oct 1
Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Constantin, on the right side of the page there is a 'downloads' column. If you hit the DOWNLOAD button you will get the Revit file.

Track lights for Revit Architecture 2011
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Where can I get the save fil

Adetuberu, Architect • Sep 26

I save cars in a created folder, where can I get the cars for use

Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Adetuberu, now that they are in your folder it will be easy to find your favorites, but you will still have to go into each individual BIM object page to download the files.

Alfa Romeo Brera For Revit
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One of the arms of my Farja

Wil, Project Manager • Sep 24
Wil, Project Manager

Hi Liz, thank you for your answer. I am going to contact them. Kind regards, Wil 1 More Answer

Ikea FARJA Desk Lamp

how can I copy my choice bim

bodunde, Interior Designer • Sep 12
Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Bodunde, you will have to download the file first before you can use it in Revit.

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Can I replace the LED with a

Mark • Sep 9

I would like to replace all my 6" LED down lights with incandescent lights. The LED has a affect on me. What would I use to change them? Thanks

WTG-D6-13YYZZ LED Dimmable Retrofit Kit
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Where can I obtain 3d Revit

Diane, Student • Sep 7

I am reaching out to request 3D models to incorporate into Revit. I am also an interior design graduate student at Marymount University. We are individually designing a boutique hotel that incorporates lobby, rooftop, public spaces and bathrooms, full guest rooms, a... Read More

Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Diane, you can see all the products that have Revit files if you follow this search link: https://www.modlar.com/search/products/format--revit/

Koi Dining Table I
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How effective is the Elimina

Claire, Contractor • Sep 5

Hi, anyone tested these permanent basements units to control humidity ? How are they comparing to mobile dehumidifier ?

Nu-Air Eliminator - Wet Basement Solution

List out photorealistic 3D a

Helen, Interior Designer • Aug 30

Kindly share the designs of 3d architectural rendering  work

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how I can download it in rev

said, Architect • Aug 15
Kinex, Project Manager

Hi, this manufacturing is not available 1 More Answer

Series 4000 Sliding Patio Door
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Is there a 3d model availabl

Allie, Student • Aug 7

I need a Revit model for work, but all I can find is the spec sheet. i would even take a different 3d file format that could be converted. They don't even provide a .dwg so I will have to convert the spec pdf in order to get dimensional information and then build it... Read More

Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Allie, unfortunately this manufacturer does not have any BIM/CAD files.

Freedom One Sit-to-Stand Lectern
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Asking for a password, What

Haki, Interior Designer • Jul 24

WHen I try to add it to the library as an object asks for a password. What is the password?

Artisan Fire Pizza Oven

What is photorealistic rende

JMSD, Manufacturer • Jul 13

Basically, it is a process of making a digital image in the computer. The digital image is not original but it looks just like more Realistic Image.


download button is greyed ou

Tania, Architect • Jul 9
Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Tania, yes that makes sense. Not every product on Modlar has BIM/CAD files. If you are looking for those files specifically, you can do a search (even just a blank search) and tick the file type you want in the 'Formats' filter on the left hand side. That way you will only see products that have the file you need. 2 More Answers

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How can I create a realistic

Terry, Commercial Builder/Developer • Jun 27

I am trying to figure out how you were able to convert an autocad file to Revit. The Boss Mustang looks great! I have another vehicle I need in my project so I ordered one from Hum3d but the texture is seperate and its in dwg format and dont really think there is a... Read More

2013 Ford Boss Mustang - Car Automobile Vehicle
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how do I download the bim ob

Beverly, Contractor • Jun 26
Jordania, Architect

Hi Beverly, Some families do not have hosting properties and are intentionally independent or "stand alone" families. After loading the family, you can add a reference plane for the element to host to, which I think this is the quickest solution. According to a revit forum search, you can load your family in a new hosted template and then lin... 2 More Answers

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Where can we find the Revit

Simon, Architect • Jun 14

Where can we find the Revit materials to go along with rfa. family? They are not part of the download and then looks terrible within Revit when they do not have the correct materials shown on the preview image

Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Simon, I have checked the manufacturer for you, but unfortunately the rfa files are the only files they have for Revit.

Aspen Lounge Seating
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I should like the full detai

Stuart, Architectural Draftsperson • May 21

what are their dimensions, thickness, weight. Typical details for installation on an existing timber balcony.

Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Stuart, you can find answers to a few of these questions in the Spec sheet that can be downloaded on the product page when you click on 'Download Specs'. For the full information, however, you will have to contact the manufacturer directly. They have a contact form on their website here: www.stepstoneinc.com/contact.php

Lightweight Roof Paver
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How do I bring this in the t

Christopher, Architectural Draftsperson • May 18

The car is hidden and the options to unhide it are unavailable.

Alfa Romeo Brera For Revit
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jaleel, Architect • Apr 28


Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Jaleel, I will try to get in touch with the user who uploaded this file to see if there is a way we can fix the issue.

Orbital Lighting

List of some high quality ar

Sushmita, Architectural Draftsperson • Apr 24

Hi everyone kindly share the list of websites with good 3d interior design samples.

ali, Engineer

1/ https://www.mir.no/ 2/ https://www.archvyz.com/SR_Victoriaville 3/ https://structalis.fr/beton/ 4/ https://www.pinterest.fr/pin/358247345357476125/ 5/https://www.pinterest.fr/pin/468022586252675451/ 4 More Answers

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This SKP file can't open in

Mayra, Interior Designer • Apr 11

Hi, I model in revit and usually have no problem importing SKP files objects and then I turn them into RFA. This one is not working.

Mayra, Interior Designer

Thanks a lot. It happened in the past with an object from CGTrader and they did something and fixed it. Thanks a lot. 1 More Answer

Classic Bed
Building Products

Interested in pricing for P

Brec, Estimator • Apr 11

Please send me details regarding the Plasma lounge seating. I'm interested in how to purchase and pricing. Thank You.

Plasma Lounge Seating
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Rights to use these objects-

Alias A • Apr 2

Are there copyrights we need to be careful about these downloads here?

Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi there, all downloads are provided by the manufacturers for free use in your projects and to help with specifications.

BIM/CAD Software

How do I get a family to sho

Stephanie, Architect Office - Other • Apr 1
Jordania, Architect

Hi Stephanie, Check to see if this family has visibility permissions under visibility graphics. Type command "VV" to bring up the 'Visibility/ Graphics Overide' window. Check the family's model category is checked, then apply and close. If it's already checked, you may need to open the Revit Family and check that the element has this 3D view... 1 More Answer

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HENRIQUE, Architect • Mar 31
Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Henrique, unfortunately this manufacturer does not have any BIM/CAD files. A large number of products on Modlar do have BIM/CAD files, however, and you can find them easiest by doing a search for any kind of product (or even type in nothing and hit the search bar) and then using the 'Formats' filter.

Montalembert 6 Light Chandelier

What material is the bookcas

Thomas, Architect • Mar 25
Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Thomas, unfortunately the architect hasn't listed this info. Sorry we can't help you with this question.

New York University Abu Dhabi - Library
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how do i download this beaut

Emmanuel • Mar 8

The only thing i am able to download is the spec doc, please how do i download the actual object

Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi rastiyar, unfortunately this manufacturer does not have any BIM/CAD files. 2 More Answers

Grapes Small LED Pendant with Micro-Dome

Are 2D AutoCAD files on this

son, Architect • Feb 27

Looking for 2D AutoCAD files on this site? https://www.modlar.com

Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi there, we do have 2D AutoCAD files. Unfortunately they will be listed under AutoCAD so sometimes when you download them it might be 3D instead of 2D. You can try searching for the extension you are after, this might give you some options.