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Do you have 3d products that

Anna S, Student • 2d

I only find dwg files on the products that I would want to use.

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Im unable to open this model

Juhi A, Architect • 2d

Unable to open the model, its asking for a password

Lucille N, Other

Hi, the file should only try and ask you for a password if you are trying to open its script. If you load it using ArchiCAD's library manager you should be able to place it.

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i would like to ask if is f

evi p, Architect • 3d

is it free to download?

Scott B, Other

Yes all downloads on Modlar are free, both Manufacturer content and community uploads.

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Importing in ArchiCad 18 a G

Daniel Z, Architect • 6d

Importing in ArchiCad 18 a GDL file of the vertical lift asks for the password

Scott B, Other

Hi, the ARchiCAD file should only try and ask you for a password if you are trying to open its script. If you load it using ArchiCAD's library manager you should be able to place it.

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Hi, I'm Marion Lachaud, arch

Marion L, Architect • Mar 14

I've just download a file called "THEEW-EDNA" which is a chair 3D model, via your website. When I open the .gsm downloaded, it asks me a password. Can you give me it please? Thanks,

Scott B, Other

Hi Marion, that normally happens when you try and open the ArchiCAD GSM file directly, as the manufacture protects the script (so you can't edit the chair's form). To use it please add it to your product via ArchiCAD's library manager.

BIM/CAD Software

Zip files instead of single

Elmer M, Designer • Mar 9

I downloaded my first 2 files a bit ago. They were zip files not single files. Is there any way to download a single since Revit will only open a single? I'm new at Revit and maybe someone has a better way to work with this situation? Thanks!

Elmer M, Designer

Scott, It was the Bosch appliances. I got the zip part. I use them all the time but I had to open the zip twice to get to the single Revit file that Revit needed. Seems like some items are double/triple wrapped. Thanks for the follow up. 1 More Answer

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Is Modlar providing the wron

Laura T, Student • Mar 9

When I download the Revit file for this outswing door, the file is actually a model of a window. Was it somehow loaded incorrectly onto the site?


Contemporary Congregation Sp

Lucia R, Architect • Mar 7

When designing public spaces such as retail buildings or transportation hubs, circulation is no longer the only priority; while circulation efficiency is still a critical design element, there's another component just as relevant in contemporary times which is the... Read More

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What is the thickness of TYP

NILS v, Designer • Mar 2
Scott B, Other

Hi Nils, according to this spec sheet it is 15mil: Typar flashing thickness


Why I cannot open the bim fi

ecem o, Architect • Mar 2

When I try to open the zip file, it says "file is broken" When I try to import from revit, file is not existed.

Scott B, Other

hmmm that seems odd, what version of Revit are you using?

Building Products

Any chance of an English lan

Jim A, Architect • Feb 28

The component looks great, but all the para,meters are in Polish!


Retail Spaces: Urban Design

Karissa A, Architect • Feb 25

The successful urban image of the city is the result of the deliberate accumulation of independent elements intertwining with each other. While architecture talks micro-scale, urban design integrates the macro-scale connectivity of buildings, roads and public realm... Read More

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Why can't I open any of your

Cory C, Other • Feb 24

I have tried to download several items and none of them will open, whats the deal?????

Cory C, Other It just says the path is too long... 1 More Answer

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How do I bring object into a

John M, Designer • Feb 22
Scott B, Other

Hi John, you need to load it via ArchiCAD's library manager, from the file menu.

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Why can't I download Revit

Razan M, Other • Feb 19

I'm trying to open Revit objects but most of them are not working, I'm not sure why...It keeps telling me that the files are not found, is there something that I need to do or is it just not working?


Downloading Revit2011 Compat

Steven W, Architect • Feb 18

Some manufacturers have the latest Revit version objects only. How do I download older versions? In fact, how do I download anything? I placed some items into "My Projects" or "Favorites". Where is the button to download what I have selected? I... Read More

Mike C, Modlar Administrator

To download, click the products you saved in your project and click download. you need to go to the individual product page to download. Some products might not have bim/cad files... 2 More Answers

Using Modlar

Asking for password

helin p, Student • Feb 16

asking for password

Scott B, Other

Hi there, which file are you trying to use? If it's archicad this maybe asking you for it because you've tried to open the file's script directly instead of loading it into your library manager?


Breathing Architecture: Gree

Karissa A, Architect • Feb 15

With infinite benefits such as improved air quality, aesthetic improvement, reduction of urban heat island effect and energy efficiency, building structures are now covered with greenery. From the freestanding trellis system of green facades to the in-built wall mo... Read More

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Your file asks me a password

Erwin K, Technician • Feb 13

your file asks a password

Scott B, Other

Hi, which file are you trying to use? If it's archicad this maybe asking you for it because you've tried to open the file's script directly instead of loading it into your library manager?

Building Products

are any of the Nanawalls f

Vivien C, Designer • Feb 10
Lucille N, Other

Hi, No, NanaWalls are not Fire Rated. However, they can be prepped to meet Egress Requirements.

Building Products


harshit s, Architect • Feb 3


Scott B, Other

Hi, that seems very odd. Can you please send an email to and we can check it with the Brand for you


Can these objects be used in

Corey C, Designer • Jan 31
Corey C, Designer

Hi Scott, thanks for the reply. Got it sorted now. Cheers. 1 More Answer

Building Products

REVIT download - Brabbu prod

Pernilla B, Designer • Jan 31

Dear all, I would love if the Brabbu products were possible do download as REVIT families. There's a huge lack of furniture in this style for REVIT. Any recommendations of who to ask foro help or where to look? Thank you!!!

Scott B, Other

Great feedback, are there any particular items you'd like in Revit or the entire range? ;)

Using Modlar

Why are none of these files

Connor R, Student • Jan 26

I have downloaded and redownloaded these textures and they will not show up on sketch up. This is getting to be very frustrating.

Scott B, Other

Hi connor, can you please send me a link to which file you were trying to download? Thansk, Scott.


Architectural Applications o

Lucia R, Architect • Jan 20

When one thinks of fiberglass in architecture, the first thing that comes to mind is insulation; but fiberglass has many other architectural uses, some unknown to most architects. Whether it's used on the structure or as a complimentary embellishment, this material... Read More

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Hearthstone Safety data shee

Maritza C, Other • Jan 19

Where can I find the Safety Data Sheet for Hearthstone?

Scott B, Other

I think it's on their spec sheet available here:

Building Products

is this compatible with Revi

Lynn O, Designer • Jan 18

I'm having trouble opening this file


Ignite the Flame: Wood Burni

Karissa A, Architect • Jan 17

Over the last few decades, wood burning systems morphed from a simple heating method to a redefined technological innovation centering on a focal point of reducing emission and increasing heating efficiency. When choosing a wood burning appliance, factors such as p... Read More


Glass & Steel Ensemble: Stru

Karissa A, Architect • Jan 16

Due to the recent innovation of the facade technology, structural glazing systems have reached new heights with its glass and steel ensemble. One cannot undermine the beauty of the exposed minimal structural system as it exhibits refined craftsmanship with its high... Read More

Building Products

The file will not let me ext

Rachel S, Designer • Jan 16

I am trying to download a revit and the extraction comes up with an error that the file name is too large but it will not let me change the file name. Is there any way I could get a file sent directly to me?

Building Products

Sorry I lost track of our di

Michael R, Other • Jan 11

I bought a Miele Immer Besser G4481SCVI in 2014, My daugher used the apartment at that time. I have just moved in and don't have a manual. Can you tell me how to access one please?

Building Products

I need to find a distributor

Heidi N, Technician • Jan 9

I'm looking for a distributor of this material. The one I was using has quit stocking these materials and I need a new one. Preferably one that can ship out within a day or two of ordering.

Scott B, Other

Organized living have a great list of vendors available on their site. So best to look for the local one:

Building Products

Are the Revit models the act

Hue T, Engineer • Jan 9

I see that the layouts are 2' 2 97/256" but I was wondering if they can go up to 3 feet tall? Are there pedestals that the ovens can stand on to increase the elevation? In addition, does the gagenau cooktop go on top of the ovens?


How to Design Contemporary S

Lucia R, Architect • Jan 2

Building in indigenous zones can be very sensitive. Sometimes in trying to honor an ancient culture, you end up mangling their heritage, and making a wrong decision that could enrage a whole community; and by ignoring them completely, can lead to a big disservice t... Read More

James X, Designer

Very Cool. I learned a lot.


Linking Architecture & Techn

Karissa A, Architect • Jan 2

Interactive systems were all the hype during this festive season. Some of the recent emerging technologies yield a functional crossover with architecture. Mostly responsive systems, technology has provided an innovative outlet for the transformation of architecture... Read More

Lucia R, Architect

Kinetic architecture is my favorite of the three when it comes to making a project look "festive".I feel like Interaction Design (user experience design, UX) should be integrated to all sorts of projects, including homes, and it's a topic I'd like to explore more since it could have so many applications.


Cut the Grain: Wood Veneer T

Karissa A, Architect • Jan 2

Wood veneer is a beauty in itself with its exceptionality in texture, color, figure and grain. Determined by the cutting method of the log relative to its growth rings as well as the selection of the veneer species, most architectural components are aesthetically e... Read More