You got a firm? Are ya makin' it?

Here's my question: You have a firm, small practice, maybe a partner or two...Besides the hard work, long hours, spending more time than your though on admin and billing, where is the next job coming from...are ya comfortable financially? I am not talking big bucks or anything, just nice and comfortable. I did not see anything that addresses this specifically in older posts, maybe its an obvious conclusion once you establish a successful practice... Small firm people, I would love your thoughts.

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Answers (2)

gregco • 2014

Yup! five staff and lots of work, mostly turning down work we don't like or want. Early years were tough as we were raising three kids ( they still are young ) so i make sure I balance my schedule and don't work weekends or late at night. But I could be working harder to make more but for what .... more stress and management of staff. I love what I do and like going to work still have fun and don't have bad clients. As soon as I get a roof on my new house I'll be even happier.

Bobby, Architect • 2014

it's rough..... being a one man shop, i have to dip into a few markets to eat.... i'm still a bit behind............ you have to learn to market/bid/work/meetings/email/etc.... everything.... in my case, i have no kids/house/truck payments/etc...... i just have rent/cell/food so i can live on potatoes for a week or so if i have to.... if you have any other responsiblities other than yourself..... you might want to work for someone else and run your stuff on the side or work part time..... you have to make sure you have a few dollars coming in somehow... :