Private Vs Public sector positions

First a little background...30 yrs old. nearly finished with ARE's. 10 yrs of experience in all phases of private sector work. yes i worked my way through college in firms. Have been offered the position to take a director of facilities position for a county school system. Obviously the public sector has its benefits right off the bat. Almost double the salary, retirement, good healthcare, etc....AND the downside its not a design role which means no more drawing but more of a leadership role in hiring architects and managing construction etc.. Has anyone else switched sides before and can possible give me some insight into figuring out if this is a good career move?

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Bobby, Architect • 2014

if you want to design, no.

gregco • 2014

There is much more to this than you are considering. Bureaucracy is a whole world unto itself, but some time spent in that particular arena could give you a valuable education and connections that could be leveraged later. You don't have - and might not be able - to work there until you retire. Considering what a shitty living this is for a lot of people you might want to consider taking the offer and doing creative work on the side. If something better comes up or if you simply can't stand it you can always quit. A bird in the hand and so on.