Best European countries for a U.S. architect to find work?

I would like to eventually move to Europe and be able to still work in the architecture industry. My first choice is the UK, but my research suggests this is a difficult market to break into without being registered and many firms do not hire overseas workers. My other top choices would be the Netherlands and Germany (or any German speaking country like Austria or Switzerland since I can speak basic German). I am open to suggestions. Has any U.S. architects moved to Europe and how was the experience finding work? Thanks everyone for your time!

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Answers (2)

gregco • 2014

The UK is recovering swiftly from the economic recession, but Turkey is one of the fastest growing in Europe for Architecture and architecture related jobs (i.e. structural engineering, BIM modelling/integrated design technicians, etc). I would urge you to look there, as the countries proficiency in English is very good too. The only real danger with Turkey is the conflict in Syria spilling over.

Bobby, Architect • 2014

I did exactly what you are looking to do. After college I moved to the UK and worked for a big name firm for seven years. It is not true that being registered will prevent you from being hired. Also firms in London and other parts of the UK hire many overseas workers, in fact some hire more foreigners than locals. I would suggest UK as a good entry into Europe since you are a native English speaker. Then once you are there relocating to another country could be an option. I assume you will need a work permit? I recommend spending a couple of weeks and take a trip over there to do as many interviews as possible.