Architectural Project Management Software

Hi guys, I have been on the hunt for some project management software (web or locally based) that could help manage an Architectural company of around 250 people with a couple of offices world wide. I have not had luck finding many good programs at all - I found one or 2 programs specifically designed for Architectural offices that weren't so good, and then a lot more that were too general.. I was wondering if the members here that work for larger offices could share what kind of systems they use, what kind of features they have - and possibly give me some links, ideas .. I have set out to have such a system custom programmed and an idea of what existing companies use would help "inspire" features that the software might have.. Any info would be appreciated ! :)

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Answers (2)

gregco • 2014

A firm I worked for 4 years ago (120 employees) used Sema4 with apparently much success. I'm not sure how the software has evolved since, however.

Bobby, Architect • 2014

Have you tried Microsoft Project?