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who is the architect

michael, Architect • 2017
Lucille N

Hi Michael, the architect is Santiago Calatrava. Thanks.


What are good books to read

James, Architect • 2016

"A Pattern Language" by Chistopher Alexander 3 More Answers

Beautiful Way to design the

Bobby, Architect • 2015

Please share your ideas and tips here. Thank you.

Those little cubbies must be really handy when you have to get a heavy pot off the stove. The shoe molding around the island is much more functional than a toe space. And I'll bet they saved a bundle with that Home Depot tile.


Please help identify the arc

Bobby, Architect • 2015

Hello, We recently moved into a newly constructed house. Even though I don't expect it to be a true architectural style, I'd like to know which direction to take for both landscaping and furnishing the interior. Currently, the interior trim is the standard "run of t... Read More

Unfortunately, you may need to brace yourself for some snarky comments on this forum. 1 More Answer


Is there a good side to Toro

Bobby, Architect • 2015

Spent some time there last week. Mostly just overwhelmed by green glass high rise apartments and office buildings and packed in mobs of unresponsive people. To be honest, I think it is the worst large city I have been to in my life time. 47 years traveling to about... Read More

Welcome to Austin TX!!! 1 More Answer


What music are you listening

Bobby, Architect • 2015

What (newish) music are you listening to these days? Although not exactly new, yesterday I was jamming Balkan Beat Box for 8 hours of autocad.

Jollie Holland is amazing. 1 More Answer

Building Products

NYC Metal Signage Fabricator

Bobby, Architect • 2015

Does anyone know of any good manufacturers for anodized aluminum signage in the NYC area? 1 More Answer


Job opportunities in San Fra

Bobby, Architect • 2015

I have completed 5 years of B. Arch. from India and worked for 2 years in Bangalore in small firm. Currently, I live in San Jose and I am permanent resident in USA and hence do not require Visa for work. I have following questions and my goal is to work in San Jose... Read More

I use to work at a firm in Santa Clara, just north of San Jose - its an Indian from Bangalore that specializes in Multi-family projects - Do you know Revit? 1 More Answer


Too many drawings, anxious t

miked • 2015

Basically getting sick of putting the word 'concept' or 'conceptual' on almost everything we do. We're in about our third year of business with less built work than we would like. We have a pretty extensive portfolio of nice drawings however, but kind of makes you w... Read More

Great topic, and I have no answer, only questions: 1 More Answer


Architecture of Decadence

miked • 2015

Just looking to start a conversation. Can anyone think of any examples of non-decadent architecture? I'm looking for examples from past or present. Also, can a 21st century architect/designer operate outside the realm of decadence, or is architecture by its nature a... Read More

^ Good one! 1 More Answer


Architect to builder/develop

Bobby, Architect • 2015

Hi, I am an architect from India, have finished my B.arch and have worked in architectural firms for 1.5 yrs now and have gained good experience in terms of designing and handling a project architecturally. I have realized I want to design spaces and not do it accor... Read More

all it takes to become a developer is $ and connections to $ and the desire to low ball any and everything in the design and construction process to maximize your/your investors bottom line. 1 More Answer


Origins of "cluster"

Bobby, Architect • 2015

Dear all! I'm trying to track down the origins of the usage of the word "cluster" in architecture, for example as used by Smithsons (1952), in Architectural Forum (1953) or later in Architectural Review (1957). Please, does anyone know when and by whom was the term... Read More

hey y'all - that buildin is a real cluster fuck! 1 More Answer


How to get into AA

Bobby, Architect • 2015

Hi guys! I'm a fourth year undergrad student and I wish to apply to first year of AA school.Can I get some advice from you guys on how to get into AA, besides the requirements they listed online? What aspect do they focus on when they view portfolio? Thanks!

One day at a time. 1 More Answer


Contemporary insulation prec

Bobby, Architect • 2015

I'm in a wall section class and I have an assignment that requires: "Raise the level roof to R-49, walls to R-21 and floors to R-38, as if the project is located in a cold climate. " so I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of contemporary insula... Read More

um, is there any further requirement than that? Materials, doors, windows, usage? Cost range? Buildings aren't designed around the insulation- the wall assembly is developed to suit the look and functional requirements of the project. 1 More Answer


How much coffee do you avera

Bobby, Architect • 2015

I was just sipping on a white mocha, being a slight coffee addict, and wondered how much coffee does everyone else drink on average? Per day, Per hour, Per minute whatever you want - i'm curious! First of year of school tells me more than the average person for sure... Read More

I sometimes have one out of obligation or conforming to social norms but generally, zero ounces each month. 1 More Answer

unknown modernism

Bobby, Architect • 2015

Watched the movie "Frida" which had a really cool modern house in it. Got me digging around to find out who designed it; Juan O'Gorman. Dude has some amazing work. Pulled out my history books; Frampton and Curtis to see if there was any mention; minimal at best. Won... Read More

I just thought of one, Gaston Eysselinck. Almost nothing has been published about him in English. From what I understand, he was an important Modernist in Belgium, but died so young (under 45, I think) that his body of work was very small and mostly houses. He is most famous for his own house: 1 More Answer

seattle data recovery

Bobby, Architect • 2015

craptop desktop crapped out w/ faulty HD. any clue on recovery cost and recs in seattle?

holz there may be some out of work Microsofties that could help you living under the highway overpasses pretty soon... 1 More Answer

City sponsored Papal visits

Bobby, Architect • 2015

Greetings everyone I am curious about how strict "separation of church and state" is in the United States. If a city pours several public resources into a Pope visit, from money to public road and facility closures, impacting the business of neighboring private busi... Read More

First Amendment - Religion and Expression. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. 1 More Answer

Design Build Work

Bobby, Architect • 2015

Hi Archinect students, Does your school have an active student organization that works on design/build projects? If so, 1) what school do you attend and 2) what kind of projects has the club worked on? Thanks in advance for your input!

Something like Rural Studio at Auburn? 1 More Answer

thinking about becoming a ju

Bobby, Architect • 2015

been working 10 years,have an Ivy MArch, state BArch,licensed in 2 states, about to open a full fledge office, but seriously considering becoming a junkie. Now should I enroll somewhere? Work on my portfolio? let my licenses expire. I speak two languages, not sure t... Read More

More lucrative to become a dealer. Or "owner/operator" I guess. 1 More Answer

Architecture stories

Bobby, Architect • 2015

Hello all, Here I am at my computer on a gloomy Friday afternoon and I was thinking of all kinds of ridiculous events that happened in studio during my last school year... It got me wondering if any of you have funny stories, horror stories (the xacto knife is the m... Read More

one on the x-acto knife, in this case a large box cutter. My school was a short block away from a hospital, and one morning, close to the end of first year studio, we walk in to the main hallway to find a trail of big blood drops going out and in the direction of the hospital. One of my classmates had been working on his model and using the b... 1 More Answer

Would you invest company pro

Bobby, Architect • 2015

i was just googling this and wanted to find out if anyone has ever thought of investing their company's profits in stocks/bonds/other type of securities to make money for their company? Is that even legal? Just curious...

Is it legal ???? 1 More Answer

Need some help on architectu

Bobby, Architect • 2015

Hi guys , experts out there I have been trying so hard to create a diagram like this .... I wonder which software is used? and is there any tutorial on creating this kind of Diagram that I could learn online? A million thanks !

Thats actually done in Vray (probably 3d Max Vray) but you can do it in rhino. 1 More Answer

Help jog my memory: New muse

Bobby, Architect • 2015

I need help remembering a building I saw online a few months ago. There is a museum in the DC metro area, possibly Bethesda, being built by a somewhat prominent DC architect. From what I remember, it was added space for an existing collection. It seemed like the bui... Read More

From the Glenstone website 1 More Answer

NYC building codes

Bobby, Architect • 2015

Hi Friends Which NYC buildings codes should I be looking at for accuracy? I am looking at 2006 building codes nyc? There has to be updated books right? Let me know what the situation is please. This is for simple curiosity. Thank you

senjohnblutarksy is my hero today. 1 More Answer

LED lighting - Could use som

Bobby, Architect • 2015

Hello to all the architects here in this forum. I'm starting my own company in the LED lighting industry and I have a few questions for my future business partners :) 1) How much money in your opinion your client would be willing to pay (if at all) for a high-end LE... Read More

1. As much or as little as they want to. 1 More Answer

What is the type of glass th

Bobby, Architect • 2015

I am referring to the opaque glass that he used in his design because I am looking for the name( if it has one in specifically), and I haven't found it.

Pilkington Profilit 1 More Answer


Bobby, Architect • 2015

Hello! I just got accepted at the De Appel Arts Center in Amsterdam, and im looking for a grant to pay my tuition.Anyone help? I would really appreciated....

Should have thought about that before applying. 1 More Answer

Daisy House by Stanley Tiger

Bobby, Architect • 2015

Hi people. I am in desperate need for a floor plan picture of the famous Daisy House designed by po-mo architect Stanley Tigerman. You know, that floor plan, clearly resembling the image of an ejaculating penis! Tx a lot.

could someone please upload a scan or a picture of this floorplan? tx 1 More Answer

the millenial generation sum

Bobby, Architect • 2015

album debuted in 1991 you'd be 24 now, a few years into the work force now. If it doesn't happen on the internet, did it ever happen? Architecture doesn't happen on the internet.

Was this cover photoshopped (phomontaged)? 1 More Answer


Bobby, Architect • 2015

Hello ! Thanks to many opinions I finally decided to study architecture but the problems of choosing a school comes. Though there are a list of accredited program and numbers of rankings that I can refer to, I think it important to know about what exactly the school... Read More

Non Sequitur Sorry for confusing you. I forgot to mention that I am studying in US; I am just wondering if someone can share what is your architecture program like(preferred in US ) so I can find out the program that I may like to go. 1 More Answer

logistic cities

Bobby, Architect • 2015

i'd really appreciate who ever is gonna take form his/her time to answer these questions i did my research and didn't quit understand Q1/what's exactly the meaning of logistic cities and how does logistic process relates to architecture ? Q2/what are the topics i ne... Read More

Do you need our answers to be single-spaced or double-spaced? Citations in MLA or Chicago format? 1 More Answer

Red flags when looking at pu

Bobby, Architect • 2015

What should one look for when purchasing an old home? If the owners have painted all the surfaces, how can you tell if there is underlying damage? What raises red flags in your mind? Is there a simple test to check that plumbing is adequate? What do YOU look for whe... Read More

Visit the house when it's raining and check the attic. Had the good fortune to have this occur by chance while visiting a place that was in the top three on the "To purchase" list. 1 More Answer

Please help

Bobby, Architect • 2015

Hi, I am by no means an architect. With that said, is anyone able to help me in identifying ANY information they can about the house in this image. The closest architectural style i've come across in my research is classical-revival but even then im finding major di... Read More

Doing Business In Dubai

Bobby, Architect • 2015

Good Day Does anyone know the procedure for doing Business in Dubai? Do you need to seal drawings and have them submitted to a governing agency for review? What is the permitting process like? Do engineers and project managers require a work permit? Thanks

Unless you have a penis and are not of a nationality / ethnicity shared with their slaves, I'd refrain from that part of the world. 1 More Answer

Consultant Position Hourly R

Bobby, Architect • 2015

Hi fellow designers & Architects, I am actively searching for employment and have interviewed with a firm in West LA / Culver City. The position calls for an Intermediate Designer Consultant and they request for an hourly rate. A little background about myself,... Read More

So... they're probably going to have you working in their office, 40 hours per week, but not going to pay you benefits because they convinced you to sign a contract as a consultant. Sounds like a sweet deal... 1 More Answer

Project Acquisition Cost

Bobby, Architect • 2015

on Average How much does a firm/architect spend for acquiring projects? These may include events, promotions, newsletters,yellow-pages and online listings, competitions etc. I know it will vary from project to project. But whats a safe ballpark assumption? 2.5%- 5%... Read More

While It seems to vary quite a lot from firm to firm, I have found this 'rule of thumb' to be useful for planning purposes: 1 More Answer

Rant Magazine... "Artist"/De

Bobby, Architect • 2015

unjustifiable? of course. streamlined? even better. cutting? what would life be without it!? Contemporary spy architecture enables the ordinary draftsperson to dream of colorful Istanbul... Modern architects in cozy houses and cramped apartments can experience the e... Read More

Shock Me, I'm enjoying these mashups you're making! 1 More Answer


Bobby, Architect • 2015

Hi, has anyone used TidyWork for their Projects costing system. Its seems quite good and remarkably cheap.

Thanks Bobby, I am looking for its use in a number of medium sized Practices in the UK, the 10- 20 staff range. I will try it out. Joe 1 More Answer

Sex Is The One Big Problem N

Bobby, Architect • 2015

Although I enjoy a good discussion of sex, I will likely still want to see this documentary of microhousing. Microtopia Important to recognize that many cultures traditionally sleep in communal family sleeping rooms yet still manage to procreate. And many big city a... Read More

did the author of this article not live in dorms in college? 1 More Answer