March II - Gre results

Hello fellow architects! I am applying for March II programs this winter and i got my GRE results today. I would like to know how much does GRE realistically weight at the application. I know that portfolio, letters of recommedations, letter of statement are more important. If the rest is good-great is a v150, q161 awa 4.5 acceptable? We are talking about ivy league choices

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Answers (2)

pauly • 2015

Dear rob my research is more than adequate. Average score for gsd march ii was 158v, 157q, 4awa. I am seeking for the inside story here. For your information, sarcasm is the lowest form of wit

gregco • 2015

For someone who is looking at Ivy you haven't done much research. Go to the respective schools' websites and read. Then call and ask admissions. Also research this forum for past answers. Enjoy your time at ____ state university.