Help jog my memory: New museum DC metro area?

I need help remembering a building I saw online a few months ago. There is a museum in the DC metro area, possibly Bethesda, being built by a somewhat prominent DC architect. From what I remember, it was added space for an existing collection. It seemed like the building was near completion and held a prime spot on the architect's website. It was a nice building, and was more object in landscape rather than integrated in immediate urban context. Things I cannot remember: The name of the institution it serves The name of the architect A general description of the building The program of the building Essentially, if anyone can discuss new work in this area, I may be able to remember what I saw. Perhaps it was all a dream and I made up the existence of this building, but I don't think that is the case.

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Answers (2)

pauly • 2015

From the Glenstone website

gregco • 2015

Are you thinking of Glenstone by Thomas Phifer?