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unjustifiable? of course. streamlined? even better. cutting? what would life be without it!? Contemporary spy architecture enables the ordinary draftsperson to dream of colorful Istanbul... Modern architects in cozy houses and cramped apartments can experience the excitement of an international airport. However, this clearly escapist architecture often comes in an esoteric package. The better quality spy architecture demands from the usurper at least a small understanding of power politics, international intrigue, modern technology, and military strategy. Spy architectures speak foreign languages, quote literatire, fly aircraft, practice Oriental martial arts, and generally are very sophisticated in the ways of the world. Given its relatively short history, spy architecture has nonetheless spawned a large number of thrills. Only time and closer critical scrutiny will determine which classic spy architecture, if any, should enter a canon of great architecture. from cia.gov

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pauly • 2015

Shock Me, I'm enjoying these mashups you're making!

gregco • 2015

This is the Chinese box or mirror-facing-mirror effect. Just as Dante tells the story of how his trip through the universe brought him to the point of telling the story of the trip, which has to be told, and so on, and Proust discovers after three thousand pages that he must write three thousand pages about the discovery that he must write, and so on, so Joyce indicates that in ten years he will write the book in which we are told that in ten years, and so on.