Too many drawings, anxious to build

Basically getting sick of putting the word 'concept' or 'conceptual' on almost everything we do. We're in about our third year of business with less built work than we would like. We have a pretty extensive portfolio of nice drawings however, but kind of makes you wonder what value we're adding as designers when things don't get built. For sole practitioners, how long did it take you to find your way into built work? I don't think it's any fault of ours for not having much of a built portfolio, more just the nature of the work we are doing ?

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Answers (2)

gregco • 2015

Great topic, and I have no answer, only questions:

pauly • 2015

If I remember you are a landscape architect (?). If that's correct you are a bit powerless, the architects that design the buildings have to MAKE them fly. Most don't know how, they think their value stops with drawings. I have a friend that has these words under his logo - "Lead, Build, Succeed". Nothing he does sits in a drawer.