Job opportunities in San Francisco Bay area for International Architect

I have completed 5 years of B. Arch. from India and worked for 2 years in Bangalore in small firm. Currently, I live in San Jose and I am permanent resident in USA and hence do not require Visa for work. I have following questions and my goal is to work in San Jose eventually. 1. What are the different path available to get there? 2. Do I really need to study M.Arch or any similar program? 3. What is the long term advice for better career? Like study, get license or else apply for jobs now. 4. How are the chances of getting immediate job in Bay Area? And with what role should I apply? I really appreciate your time and thank you so much for helping and sharing valuable experience. Thank you in advance.

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Answers (2)

gregco • 2015

I use to work at a firm in Santa Clara, just north of San Jose - its an Indian from Bangalore that specializes in Multi-family projects - Do you know Revit?

pauly • 2015

Hi Maulik,