Please help identify the architectural style of my house.

Hello, We recently moved into a newly constructed house. Even though I don't expect it to be a true architectural style, I'd like to know which direction to take for both landscaping and furnishing the interior. Currently, the interior trim is the standard "run of the mill." As shown in the photo, it is all brick construction. The entry arch is an impressive (by my standards) 9 feet tall by 4 feet wide. The house has several keystones -- 3 in the octagonal front and one over the front door. Different, darker colored bricks were used to trim the windows and for quoining. So, we're thankful there are no faux window shutters used on the house. The ends of the roof are hipped, so there is only the one gable seen in the photo. It's my guess that the house is "inspired" by the arts and crafts style, but I would truly appreciate input from this community. Many thanks.

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Answers (2)

pauly • 2015

Unfortunately, you may need to brace yourself for some snarky comments on this forum.

gregco • 2015

That is beautiful! Congrats on your purchase.