LED lighting - Could use some help from you all...

Hello to all the architects here in this forum. I'm starting my own company in the LED lighting industry and I have a few questions for my future business partners :) 1) How much money in your opinion your client would be willing to pay (if at all) for a high-end LED lighting fixture for a standard living room? 2) Do you agree that there isn't enough verity in the LED lighting fixtures market? 3) Would you buy or recommend your clients to buy a LED lighting fixture that can produce a unique decorative effect by demand? Thank you from advance, I would really appreciate to have a few answers..

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Answers (2)

gregco • 2015

1. As much or as little as they want to.

pauly • 2015

Of course. The Philips and other sources will still be the core of the fixture but I'm talking about giving the clients a wide spectrum of wanted effects (if at all) as well as a wide verity of controlling options. I still can't tell the innovation of this idea because it is not yet protected but I can assure you it is like giving a painter that had only 2 colors until now a new pallet of colors and a new set of brushes.