Is there a good side to Toronto architecture scene

Spent some time there last week. Mostly just overwhelmed by green glass high rise apartments and office buildings and packed in mobs of unresponsive people. To be honest, I think it is the worst large city I have been to in my life time. 47 years traveling to about 26 countries. I would not wish this place on my enemies. This place was messy, dirty and jam packed. And lets not forget the alley I travelled down watching the crack heads smoke up. The architecture was uninspiring, realizing that the built environment is killing the youths hearts and souls. Does anybody find Toronto to be appealing, inspirational, next level, etc?

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Answers (2)

gregco • 2015

Welcome to Austin TX!!!

pauly • 2015

I love Toronto. I haven't lived there for a few years but Queen/Spadina, Kensington Market, College, The whole Annex area - pretty awesome neighborhoods. Fly into Billy Bishop get free shuttle to Union Station to snag the subway - better than flying into most cities. Blue Jays are pretty hot right now though the leafs will probably always stink.