Hello ! Thanks to many opinions I finally decided to study architecture but the problems of choosing a school comes. Though there are a list of accredited program and numbers of rankings that I can refer to, I think it important to know about what exactly the school program focused on. And I know I can search them on the school page, but the information there is somewhat..well.. vague for me. So would you mind just writing down something, no matter several words or a passage, about ​the focus of the architecture program which you studied/studying in or know about? (like the emphasis on urban impact / the emphasis on creative structures / the emphasis on professional skills) Or in other words, what is the strength of this program in your opinion? Every reply would be appreciated ! By the way, pls tell me the school name and undergrad/grad. Thank you all ! Sincerely, Aubrey

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pauly • 2015

Non Sequitur Sorry for confusing you. I forgot to mention that I am studying in US; I am just wondering if someone can share what is your architecture program like(preferred in US ) so I can find out the program that I may like to go.

gregco • 2015

eu... country would help narrow down your choices a little. Your question is beyond vague.