unknown modernism

Watched the movie "Frida" which had a really cool modern house in it. Got me digging around to find out who designed it; Juan O'Gorman. Dude has some amazing work. Pulled out my history books; Frampton and Curtis to see if there was any mention; minimal at best. Wondering if archinectors have other "unknown" architects from this era they can share? Architects that have great work that didn't make the cut of the white East coast intellectuals controlling the canon? Regional? Local?

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pauly • 2015

I just thought of one, Gaston Eysselinck. Almost nothing has been published about him in English. From what I understand, he was an important Modernist in Belgium, but died so young (under 45, I think) that his body of work was very small and mostly houses. He is most famous for his own house:

gregco • 2015

I can't think of any right now; however, if you want to know more about O'Gorman, see Builders in the Sun: Five Mexican Architects. It has about 40 or 50 pages of material on him.