Architect to builder/developer

Hi, I am an architect from India, have finished my B.arch and have worked in architectural firms for 1.5 yrs now and have gained good experience in terms of designing and handling a project architecturally. I have realized I want to design spaces and not do it according to the clients, so I have decided to become a developer myself. I have limited knowledge in business and construction management , so i wanted to do masters in something which could help me take this next step. I need to know any universities in europe or USA which have any such PG courses( max 1 yr)

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gregco • 2015

all it takes to become a developer is $ and connections to $ and the desire to low ball any and everything in the design and construction process to maximize your/your investors bottom line.

pauly • 2015

To answer your question, the skills learned by Architects in many cases do not receive full value or deep appreciation. Often, the build world sees Architects as vendors and not masters of design, development and construction. Many architects have sought to gain more control over their future by becoming Architect/Developers putting together Joint Venture Real Estate Developments. In this field, as Architect to Joint Venture Developer, For example, The REDI Foundation commends Jeff Pullman, Architect, and Certification Graduate, now developing a $14,000,000 net zero apartment development, earning an equity position in the development while the investor put up all of the $4,000,000 in equity capital required. See Jeff's work at