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how can i download 3d models

Silas, Architect • 2017
Lucille N

Hi, Here are two links for BIM files for gates and railings, on the right hand side is an option for downloads, please select the file format you would like to download, and the download will begin automatically. https://www.modlar.com/search/products/?q=gates&formats=Other%203D--Vectorworks https://www.modlar.com/search/products/?q=raili...

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Podcasts stored record folde

Ronalda, Architect • 2017

Hi is there a folder with all the podcasts in? I don't see Season 01 episode 01-07

Lucille N

Hi Ronalda, We have now updated the podcast and season 01 episodes 01-07 have been added. https://www.modlar.com/modernarchitect/ Happy listening! Thanks, Lucille

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Do you know what the flame s

jennifer, Architect Office - Other • 2017
Lucille N

Hi Jennifer, We have contacted Sherwin Williams directly to find this out for you. We will notify you when we have the answer. Thanks, Lucille

Snowbound SW7004 Paint by Sherwin-Williams
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What is the Key to use de ob

Leonardo, Student • 2017

I cannot use this object in Archicad. I'm student and need this block. Thank you!

Lucille N

Hi again, I think this may be because you are trying to open the file's script directly instead of loading it into your library manager? This website is really helpful for all archicad troubleshooting http://archicad-talk.graphisoft.com/ Thanks, Lucille 2 More Answers

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Hello, I have a question abo

Pete, Urban Designer • 2017

I have downloaded several and noticed that they are absent of key information. For example, in the refrigerator model B10CB80NVS, information found on the product specifications cut sheet, such as voltage, current etc is missing. In fact, the file is bare. Thank you... Read More

Lucille N

Hi Pete, Thank you for highlighting this, we are currently looking in it. Kind regards, Lucille

Black Electric Cooktop 500 Series NEM5466UC
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How to use this in software

Jeevan, Engineer • 2017

I had seen many products in this site...bt i want to know how it can be used in software revit

Lucille N

Hi there, Here is a helpful link that has many tutorials and information that will help you to get started with using Revit software, https://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/revit-products/getting-started?sort=score. Enjoy! Thanks, Lucille Thanks, Lucille

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REECE, Architect • 2017


Lucille N

Hi Reece, If you try saving the colour by following these instructions: Click Save As (Project). In the Save As dialog, navigate to the desired location on the Revit Server network or on your hard drive. Enter a name for the file, and click Save. Here is a link to Revit troubleshooting also, that can be helpful -https://knowledge.autodesk.com...

Chateau Brown SW7510 Paint by Sherwin-Williams

How To upload Photo in my ac

Alice, Architect • 2017

How can i Upload my Profile pic in my account

Lucille N

Hi Alice, Please hover over your initials at the top right corner of the page, from there click on "visit profile", then "update settings" and scroll to the bottom of the page where you can upload your avatar/profile photo. Thanks, Lucille

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Sherwin-Williams Revit batch

Bryce, Architectural Draftsperson • 2017

Is there a way to download all 1,555 colors at once for revit? Sometimes the laptop is away from the internets.

Lucille N

Hi there, Unfortunately all Sherwin-Williams products are only available for individual download, sorry. Thanks, Lucille

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Why is it completely purple

Mariam, Student • 2017

when I put the object into VectorWorks 2017, it appears purple

Bosch Dishwasher SGE53U56UC
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what is the price of an 8Kw

john o • 2017

i want a suitable unit for a well insulated sauna room 0f 2.0 x 1.6 x 2.2meters - is the above suitable, and what is its GST inclusive price delivered into Cromwell?

Lucille N

Hi John, Have a look at this website, http://www.finnsauna.co.nz/index.php, this should give you everything you are after. Thanks, Lucille 2 More Answers

Sauna Heater - KV Topclass Model
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where can i get LED Drivers

Hormoz, Contractor • 2017
Lucille N

Hi, the manufacturer of this product may be able to answer this question best. Here is their contact page http://www.wtgled.com/Map/Index. Thanks, Lucille

WTG-PL75W24N Square Panel Light
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I am looking for Revit conte

Gretchen, Architectural Draftsperson • 2017

Is there Revit/BIM components available on-line for YKK systems? YCW 750 XT YWW 50 T Please let me know where I may find this content if on-line.

Lucille N

Hi there, We will let the manufacturer know these models have been requested and see if any are available. Thanks, Lucille

YUW 750 XT Unitized Wall System
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What are the dimensions of t

Nicole, Interior Designer • 2017
Lucille N

Hi there, Looking at the documentation that can be located for free download on the right hand side on the product page, the manufacturer has said "Straight, L-shaped, and U-shaped Countertops and Sinks are designed to accommodate the Architect's or owner's plans." Looks like they can be custom made to the size you would like. Hope that helps...

Stainless Cabinetry - Countertops Sink Bowl - Drop In
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Change bulbs in 290 DS dayli

Charles, Engineer • 2017

When a bulb fails, how do you change it as the system seems to be sealed. Does it have to be disassembled?

Lucille N

Hi Charles, It may be best to contact the manufacturer directly for correct installation instructions. Please find their information here http://www.solatube.com/, and further product information found here http://www.solatube.com/commercial/brighten-up#add-ons. Thanks, Lucille

Brighten Up® Series - 290 DS daylighting system Universal Light Add-On Kit

Do you have revit file for d

Julian, Architect • 2017

Lucille N

Hi Julian, What product were you specifically looking for, please? Any product with a Revit file available will be shown down the right hand side of the product page. Thanks, Lucille


What does the paintbrush tab

Derek, Architect • 2017
Lucille N

Hi Derek, The paintbrush tab shows you the colour palette in the photo. Thought you may also like to know that other features are coming soon! Thanks, Lucille

Cella Bar - Outdoor Area
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Henry, Architect • 2017
Lucille N

Hi there, Click library drag & drop button to view all available models on your machine. Secondly, click Search and download button to search, select and download Revit models. File will be stored automatically in your library folder, drag & drop function has been setup to place the model into the project directly. You are able to vie...

DCS 36'' ActiveSmart™ Built-in Refrigerator RS36A80JC1_80''
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how can I down load 'Grass'

Nira, Architectural Draftsperson • 2017

I find there is no grass as your picture for site plan. I also want to know how to download and use in a revit project the grass

Grasspave2 Porous Pavement System
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How can I make this model co

Aleksandra, Student • 2017

Hi! How can I make this model colorful in revit? When I use it it's all black.

Cala Club Chair
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can you save as an older ver

Tyler, Architectural Draftsperson • 2017
Lucille N

Hi Tyler, Unfortunately they can't be back saved, meaning it can't be saved as an older version of Vectorworks. Thanks, Lucille

Bosch FSR HES5053U
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Is this ok to use in residen

Ernest, Architect • 2017

Is this ok to use in residential, new england climate

Lucille N

Hi Ernest, It would be best to check with the manufacturer to ensure it is okay to use. Thanks

YOW 350 XT Thermally Broken Operable Window System for Insulating Glass

When I try to open the zip f

jeddah • 2017
Lucille N

Hi Jeddah, Can you please provide a link for the product you are referring to and we will look into it for you. Thanks, Lucille

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is there a bim/ revit file f

Will • 2017
Lucille N

Hi Will, A BIM file is not currently available for this product. We will reach out to the manufacturer to see if a revit file is now available. Thanks, Lucille

MS-A09 Wall Mounted Indoor Unit Air Conditioning

who is the architect

michael, Architect • 2017
Lucille N

Hi Michael, the architect is Santiago Calatrava. Thanks.

Museum of Tomorrow - Interior
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How do I get pricing for you

joe • 2017
Lucille N

Hi Joe, Please contact the manufacturer directly, or see their website page http://www.ribbonrack.com, for further information on pricing. Thanks.

Ribbon Bike Rack

How do i download a revit fi

Caroline, Engineer • 2017

I would like to download this please

Lucille N

Hi there, we currently don't have revit files available for these inspiration photos. Here is a revit file for a different fireplace https://www.modlar.com/brands/travis-industries/4415-ho-gsr2-fireplace/. Thanks

Chicken Point Cabin - Interior/Fireplace
Using Modlar

can some one please explain

mari, Student • 2017

Lucille N

Hi, Load Archicad object library into the project via File > Libraries and Objects > Library Manager, then you can review the objects via Toolbox. Hope this help. Let us know if you need more information. Thanks 2 More Answers

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Disappointing -2D and 3D app

Leonie, Student • 2017

Just downloaded the ArchiCAD LCF (library container file) - ovens, steam oven and cooktops, from the Miele Australian website to use in ArchiCAD 20. The 'custom settings' display the models settings etc. correctly, however the objects 2D and 3D displayed appearance... Read More

Kyle, Architect

I have the objects from Miele BIM from several years ago before they were LCF containers and they were detailed to show exactly what the model of appliance looks like in 3D, the new ones currently available are a huge step backwards from the original set up and are basically useless. 3 More Answers


sir. if i have to download a

GEORGE, Architect Office - Other • 2017
Lucille N

Hi, there are no fees or charges when downloading Revit files. Thanks

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Maria • 2017


Lucille N

Hi, we currently don't have these available, we will reach out to the manufacturer to see if they are now available. Thanks

3-seater sofa Mesh
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why i can't insert the door

yara, Architect • 2017
Lucille N

Hi Elizabeth, I have removed the Revit file and updated it with a new one. Could you try the new file and see if you still have issues? 3 More Answers

2-Panel Door (TS2210)
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Hi There, I'm looking for th

James, Architect • 2017

I noticed you have the MasterCool K 1801 Vi, but not the K 1901 Vi. Would it be possible to create this family and send it to me?

Lucille N

Hi, the BIM revit model is currently not available for this product but we will contact the manufacturer to let them know.

MasterCool K 1801 Vi
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Do you have 3d products that

Anna, Student • 2017

I only find dwg files on the products that I would want to use.

Lucille N

Hi Anna, The products will be showing all the files available currently. Would you like to link me to the specific products you are looking for 3D models and we can contact the manufacturers?

Cubitt Chair Collection
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Im unable to open this model

Juhi, Architect • 2017

Unable to open the model, its asking for a password

Lucille N

Hi, the file should only try and ask you for a password if you are trying to open its script. If you load it using ArchiCAD's library manager you should be able to place it.

KETTAL Pavilions
Building Products

i would like to ask if is f

evi p • 2017

is it free to download?

Scott, Architect

Yes all downloads on Modlar are free, both Manufacturer content and community uploads.

Kone 611 by Delray Lighting
Building Products

Importing in ArchiCad 18 a G

Daniel, Architect • 2017

Importing in ArchiCad 18 a GDL file of the vertical lift asks for the password

Larry, Engineer

I am also having this same issue. 1 More Answer