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When I try to open the zip f

jeddah • 2017
Lucille N

Hi Jeddah, Can you please provide a link for the product you are referring to and we will look into it for you. Thanks, Lucille

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is there a bim/ revit file f

Will • 2017
Lucille N

Hi Will, A BIM file is not currently available for this product. We will reach out to the manufacturer to see if a revit file is now available. Thanks, Lucille

MS-A09 Wall Mounted Indoor Unit Air Conditioning

who is the architect

michael, Architect • 2017
Lucille N

Hi Michael, the architect is Santiago Calatrava. Thanks.

Museum of Tomorrow - Interior
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How do I get pricing for you

joe • 2017
Lucille N

Hi Joe, Please contact the manufacturer directly, or see their website page http://www.ribbonrack.com, for further information on pricing. Thanks.

Ribbon Bike Rack

How do i download a revit fi

Caroline, Engineer • 2017

I would like to download this please

Lucille N

Hi there, we currently don't have revit files available for these inspiration photos. Here is a revit file for a different fireplace https://www.modlar.com/brands/travis-industries/4415-ho-gsr2-fireplace/. Thanks

Chicken Point Cabin - Interior/Fireplace
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can some one please explain

mari, Student • 2017

Lucille N

Hi, Load Archicad object library into the project via File > Libraries and Objects > Library Manager, then you can review the objects via Toolbox. Hope this help. Let us know if you need more information. Thanks 2 More Answers

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Disappointing -2D and 3D app

Leonie, Student • 2017

Just downloaded the ArchiCAD LCF (library container file) - ovens, steam oven and cooktops, from the Miele Australian website to use in ArchiCAD 20. The 'custom settings' display the models settings etc. correctly, however the objects 2D and 3D displayed appearance... Read More

Kyle, Architect

I have the objects from Miele BIM from several years ago before they were LCF containers and they were detailed to show exactly what the model of appliance looks like in 3D, the new ones currently available are a huge step backwards from the original set up and are basically useless. 3 More Answers


sir. if i have to download a

GEORGE, Architect Office - Other • 2017
Lucille N

Hi, there are no fees or charges when downloading Revit files. Thanks

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Any change to get DWG file o

Frederic, Manufacturer • 2017
Lucille N

Hi, Currently we only have the revit file available, but we will contact the manufacturer for you, to see if DWG is available. Thanks.

PG8081i - Commercial dishwasher
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Maria • 2017


Lucille N

Hi, we currently don't have these available, we will reach out to the manufacturer to see if they are now available. Thanks

3-seater sofa Mesh
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why i can't insert the door

yara, Architect • 2017
Lucille N

Hi Elizabeth, I have removed the Revit file and updated it with a new one. Could you try the new file and see if you still have issues? 3 More Answers

2-Panel Door (TS2210)
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Hi There, I'm looking for th

James, Architect • 2017

I noticed you have the MasterCool K 1801 Vi, but not the K 1901 Vi. Would it be possible to create this family and send it to me?

Lucille N

Hi, the BIM revit model is currently not available for this product but we will contact the manufacturer to let them know.

MasterCool K 1801 Vi
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Do you have 3d products that

Anna, Student • 2017

I only find dwg files on the products that I would want to use.

Lucille N

Hi Anna, The products will be showing all the files available currently. Would you like to link me to the specific products you are looking for 3D models and we can contact the manufacturers?

Cubitt Chair Collection
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Im unable to open this model

Juhi, Architect • 2017

Unable to open the model, its asking for a password

Lucille N

Hi, the file should only try and ask you for a password if you are trying to open its script. If you load it using ArchiCAD's library manager you should be able to place it.

KETTAL Pavilions
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i would like to ask if is f

evi p • 2017

is it free to download?

Scott, Architect

Yes all downloads on Modlar are free, both Manufacturer content and community uploads.

Kone 611 by Delray Lighting
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Importing in ArchiCad 18 a G

Daniel, Architect • 2017

Importing in ArchiCad 18 a GDL file of the vertical lift asks for the password

Scott, Architect

Hi, the ARchiCAD file should only try and ask you for a password if you are trying to open its script. If you load it using ArchiCAD's library manager you should be able to place it.

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Hi, I'm Marion Lachaud, arch

Marion, Architect • 2017

I've just download a file called "THEEW-EDNA" which is a chair 3D model, via your website. When I open the .gsm downloaded, it asks me a password. Can you give me it please? Thanks,

Scott, Architect

Hi Marion, that normally happens when you try and open the ArchiCAD GSM file directly, as the manufacture protects the script (so you can't edit the chair's form). To use it please add it to your product via ArchiCAD's library manager.

Edna Dining Chair
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Zip files instead of single

Elmer, Architectural Draftsperson • 2017

I downloaded my first 2 files a bit ago. They were zip files not single files. Is there any way to download a single since Revit will only open a single? I'm new at Revit and maybe someone has a better way to work with this situation? Thanks!

Elmer, Architectural Draftsperson

Scott, It was the Bosch appliances. I got the zip part. I use them all the time but I had to open the zip twice to get to the single Revit file that Revit needed. Seems like some items are double/triple wrapped. Thanks for the follow up. 1 More Answer

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Is Modlar providing the wron

Laura, Student • 2017

When I download the Revit file for this outswing door, the file is actually a model of a window. Was it somehow loaded incorrectly onto the site?

Lucille N

Hi Laura, Thanks for letting us know. We will update the file.

1-Panel Primed Outswing Patio Door
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I downloaded a gate but don'

sultan, Engineer • 2017
Scott, Architect

Hi, which format did you download?

Revit gate family
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What is the thickness of TYP

NILS • 2017
Scott, Architect

Hi Nils, according to this spec sheet it is 15mil: Typar flashing thickness http://www.typar.com/assets/downloads/pdf/TYPAR_Flashing_RA_ThreePart_Specs-PGI_1.pdf

TYPAR Flashing RA

Why I cannot open the bim fi

ecem, Architect • 2017

When I try to open the zip file, it says "file is broken" When I try to import from revit, file is not existed.

Sarah, Student

me too, and im using revit 2016?? 1 More Answer

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Why can't I open any of your

Cory, Interior Designer • 2017

I have tried to download several items and none of them will open, whats the deal?????

Cory, Interior Designer

https://www.modlar.com/brands/delta-faucet/monitor-17-series-tub-shower-trim-with-in2ition-showerhead-chrome/#_=_ It just says the path is too long... 1 More Answer

Tub and Shower Faucet Trim, Dryden™ Bath Collection, Brass Body, Brilliance® Stainless Finish
Building Products

How do I bring object into a

John, Architect • 2017
Scott, Architect

Hi John, you need to load it via ArchiCAD's library manager, from the file menu.

Helland chairs for ArchiCAD
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Why can't I download Revit

Razan • 2017

I'm trying to open Revit objects but most of them are not working, I'm not sure why...It keeps telling me that the files are not found, is there something that I need to do or is it just not working?

2-seater sofa Boma

Downloading Revit2011 Compat

Steven, Architect • 2017

Some manufacturers have the latest Revit version objects only. How do I download older versions? In fact, how do I download anything? I placed some items into "My Projects" or "Favorites". Where is the button to download what I have selected? I'm specifically looki... Read More

Mike, Modlar Administrator

To download, click the products you saved in your project and click download. you need to go to the individual product page to download. Some products might not have bim/cad files... 2 More Answers

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Asking for password

helin, Student • 2017

asking for password

Scott, Architect

Hi there, which file are you trying to use? If it's archicad this maybe asking you for it because you've tried to open the file's script directly instead of loading it into your library manager?

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Your file asks me a password

Erwin, Architectural Draftsperson • 2017

your file asks a password

Scott, Architect

Hi, which file are you trying to use? If it's archicad this maybe asking you for it because you've tried to open the file's script directly instead of loading it into your library manager?

Bosch Dishwasher SHS63VL5UC
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are any of the Nanawalls f

Vivien, Architect Office - Other • 2017
Lucille N

Hi, No, NanaWalls are not Fire Rated. However, they can be prepped to meet Egress Requirements.

Nanawall Folding Glass Walls WD65
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harshit, Architect • 2017


Scott, Architect

Hi, that seems very odd. Can you please send an email to support@modlar.com and we can check it with the Brand for you

Pendent EchoPanel Series by Woven Image

Can these objects be used in

Corey • 2017

Hi Scott, thanks for the reply. Got it sorted now. Cheers. 1 More Answer

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REVIT download - Brabbu prod

Pernilla • 2017

Dear all, I would love if the Brabbu products were possible do download as REVIT families. There's a huge lack of furniture in this style for REVIT. Any recommendations of who to ask foro help or where to look? Thank you!!!

Meredith, Architect

The ENTIRE range! :) 1 More Answer

Satin armchair with armrests Namib | Armchair
Using Modlar

Why are none of these files

Connor, Student • 2017

I have downloaded and redownloaded these textures and they will not show up on sketch up. This is getting to be very frustrating.

Scott, Architect

Hi connor, can you please send me a link to which file you were trying to download? Thansk, Scott.

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Hearthstone Safety data shee

Maritza • 2017

Where can I find the Safety Data Sheet for Hearthstone?

Scott, Architect

I think it's on their spec sheet available here: http://products.daltile.com/series.cfm?series=367&

Hearth stone
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is this compatible with Revi

Lynn, Interior Designer • 2017

I'm having trouble opening this file

Direct Vent Fireplace - Ascent™ 42 - B42
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The file will not let me ext

Rachel, Interior Designer • 2017

I am trying to download a revit and the extraction comes up with an error that the file name is too large but it will not let me change the file name. Is there any way I could get a file sent directly to me?

Tub and Shower Faucet Trim, Victorian® , Brass Body, Chrome Finish, Single Handle
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Are the Revit models the act

Hue, Engineer • 2017

I see that the layouts are 2' 2 97/256" but I was wondering if they can go up to 3 feet tall? Are there pedestals that the ovens can stand on to increase the elevation? In addition, does the gagenau cooktop go on top of the ovens?

Gaggenau Oven BO481611