Where to find you Podcast RSS feed on the website

I really enjoy your podcast but would like to listwen to it on my drive to work and so would like to add it to my android podcaster. However I cant seem to find it on my app but could add with an RSS feed do you have an RSS link for this podcast?

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Answers (4)

Liz, Modlar Administrator • 2018

Hi Justin, I will forward your message on to our development team now and see if there is something they can do!

Justin, Architect • 2018

Thank you Liz I managed to add the general rss feed but it only shows episodes S03-16, S03-18 & S03-26. So it seems it might be possible from your end but I dont know enough about RSS feeds to work that out but one of your IT support personnel might?

Liz, Modlar Administrator • 2018

Hi Justin, unfortunately we do not have a podcast-specific RSS feed at the moment. Our RSS feed is for the whole site, so you will see products, photos, photo collections, digests and articles in the feed as well and it might not work as you would need it. However, we will take your feedback on board and see if we can add this in the future.

bigirimana, Estimator • 2018