• Curtain Wall Louver Panel

Curtain Wall Louver Panel

Curtain Wall, Exterior Finish
Date Updated:
September 14, 2017

Revit Curtain wall Louver Panel. It's normally covers the
MEP rooms in the buildings.

Use this Louver panel with the change of curtain Panel. This
one curtain wall associated family

It's created in Revit 2014 Version.

If you have any doubt please contact me.

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How do I change the density

Cory, Architect • 2021

I'm trying to get tighter louver spacing. Any ideas? I didn't see a specific parameter for this.

how can i download BIM obje

grigory, Architectural Draftsperson • 2020

I would like download this object but i can not. Can you help me with courtain panel louvre?

grigory, Architectural Draftsperson

Hi. Finaly i was able to download the file. Thank you. 1 More Answer

How to make corner curtain w

moidin, Architect • 2016
Brent, Architect Office - Other

.rfa is a Revit Family file extension 2 More Answers

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