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How can I purchase items whi

Ghazanfar, Facility Manager • 2022

How can I purchase items from my folders. please guide me. Thanks 

Neha, Student

nice question 1 More Answer

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Hi everyone, how do i dl pro

yann, Interior Designer • 2022
Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Yann, this product here does not have any BIM/CAD files, so there is nothing to download. We have thousands of products, many of which do have files to download. You can use the format filter when you do a search and that will allow you to see only products that have the relevant files. Alternatively, we also have a sister site called Bims...

Polyurethane Balustrades
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I cannot find the downloaded

Gordon, Architect • 2022

Why can users not specify where they download to?

Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Gordon, we have it set so that files are downloaded to your default Downloads folder. However, I will pass on your feedback to our dev department and we can look into the option of letting users choose the folder.

Rotary clothes line
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How do I purchase/replacemen

Thomas, Facility Manager • 2022

Good evening, Customer of mine is a property manager at a Cleveland, Oh location where L-480 units were installed. There are 6 units with residue built up and is not salvageable. I cannot find a seller of this product.  Please assist.

Liz, Modlar Administrator

Unfortunately we do not sell any products ourselves, we just list information for specifiers. I can see that the website we had for Lovair is no longer in operation so I will set the products to discontinued to avoid disappointing others. The website is now forwarding on to https://thesplashlab.com , so this might be a good company to reach o...

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Does Gerkin have Revit famil

Ricardo, Architect • 2022

Does Gerkin have Revit families?

Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Ricardo, you are absolutely right. Whenever we get the chance to talk to the brands whose products we show in our database, we tell them that it is important to have BIM/CAD files, especially Revit. 2 More Answers

5200 Rhino Hopper Aluminum Window
Using Modlar

hello, please tell me how to

At, Engineer • 2021

hello, please tell me how to unlock the models, I am asked for a password

Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi there, can you share the URL for the model you are trying to access?

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Uni-Struts for Support of br

Harald, Engineer • 2021

Does anyone know where I can get .rfa files for UNI-Struts to construct support and mounting frame for breaker panels?

Digital Monk, Manufacturer

You may find .rfa files for UNI-Struts on manufacturers' websites, engineering forums, or CAD file repositories. Contacting UNI-Struts distributors or customer support might also help. Ensure compatibility with your CAD software before downloading and using the files for constructing support and mounting frames for breaker panels. Digital Mon...

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Where is the 40ft version of

Joel, Project Manager • 2021
Christian, Project Manager

Thanks for asking this question as I also looking for the same.

20' Standard Height Cargo Container
Using Modlar

is there a payment if I down

Arkithings, Student • 2021
Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi there, there is no cost to any services for users, so feel free to download any BIM/CAD files you like.

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There is no Revit family, on

Asha, Architect • 2021

Hi, Do you have a whole Revit family of this stacker door? Downloads has only Jamb, Sill and Head details.

Stacker Sliding Door SovereignSeries
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How much is this product and

nick • 2021
Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Nick, the brand that sells this product is Iron Valley Hardware. You can find purchase information on their website here: www.ironvalleyhardware.com

Cast Iron 4.5'' Ring Pull Door & Gate Handle

How do I download the file s

Michel, Commercial Builder/Developer • 2021
Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Michel, if the product you are looking at has BIM/CAD files available, then you will be able to see a 'Download' function on the right-hand side. If it doesn't have that, you will have to find a different product. When you're doing a search, you can use the Formats filter to only see products that have the file type you are looking for. Le...

Using Modlar

Como fazer para baixar gratu

vanuza, Engineer • 2021

Como faz para baixar gratuitamente as famílias revit? Obrigada

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Getting rid of polygons when

George, Engineer • 2021

Hey! Awesome design!! Do you know if there's a way to get rid of the polygonal lines when it's imported to Revit?

BMW car for Revit Architecture 2011
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Where can I purchase the sov

Gary, Contractor • 2021

I need to purchase about a square of the 12' sovereign select extended length vinyl siding

Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Gary, for quotes and orders, you can contact the brand directly on https://gentekinc.com/

Sequoia Select Extended Length Vinyl Siding

how to use fbx format in ske

abas, Engineer • 2021

hi very one i want to use this website people model and import to the sketchup but the format that website provided is fbx and obj i don't know that can i import fbx in the sketchup or not . this website want money to give download access i don't know that i pay mo... Read More

Adam, Manufacturer

Yes you can import 3d models in FBX format directly to Sketchup. 1 More Answer

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How do I change the density

Cory, Architect • 2021

I'm trying to get tighter louver spacing. Any ideas? I didn't see a specific parameter for this.

Curtain Wall Louver Panel
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Invalid 3D in downloaded Arc

Paul, Architect • 2021

I downloaded the 'Miele Rangehoods Lib.lcf'  library from Modlar, which looks to be a useful multiple models in one object, but on placing, the Object dialog shows errors in 3D  under either ArchiCAD 23 or 24 .   I see the object was created in 2014.  That cor... Read More

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do you have autocad options

Christine, Interior Designer • 2021

I use autocad lite, is there an option for autocad downloads?

Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Christine, if you go to the product page and do a search (even just hitting search without typing anything) you can use the 'formats' filter and select 'autocad'.

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Need Pricing for Tormax TN1

Sumitha, Contractor • 2021

Hi I am looking to get a quote for Tormax TN110 In floor operator. Do you guys carry this particular product?

Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Sumitha, we don't have this product in our catalogue.

iMotion TN 110 In-Floor Swing Door Operator

What are the best floor plan

Sushmita, Architectural Draftsperson • 2021

I have one reference article on the best floor plan software applications, and require some more suggestions

Christa, Architectural Draftsperson

You can try using AutoCAD, Sweethome3d, and Vectorworks.

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Is this waterstop oil resist

RICHARD, Industrial Designer • 2021

I want to use this for oil containment

TPV Waterstop - JP320L
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How can I download this obje

ahmed, Architect • 2021

I'm really interested in classic architecture, can you please allow me to download it

Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Ahmed, unfortunately this manufacturer does not provide any BIM/CAD files. I have had a look around our database and I haven't found a similar product with files, so I am very sorry we don't have anything for you in that sphere.

Fiberglass Cornice
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Error message 'Can't make ty

Zoe, Architectural Draftsperson • 2021

Hi when i try to use this i get the error 'Can't make type "302 PosiJoist : 302 PosiJoist".'

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what i can do to unloock thi

EDYLSON, Student • 2021

the shipping container is locked , i mean its only fr reading but i wanna copy it or edit it in archicad ,,somebody please help with the password or how to unlock it

uwe, Architect Office - Other

hi, unpack the zip files, open the librarymanager in Archicad and put the gsm-file into the embeddedlibrary. than you able to use it as an objekt. str+t for customising. enjoy.

Shipping Container with standard and custom size

Chandra Upholstered Counter

Chanie, Interior Designer • 2021
Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Chanie, that product doesn't have Revit files unfortunately. Here is a link for a search query where you can see all Furniture products with Revit files: www.modlar.com/search/products/furniture/format--revit

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Why is this Not showing up i

Charlotte, Architect • 2021

This isn't showing up in the elevations. It does show up in plan. I have verified that plumbing fixtures, furniture and special equipment is showing in all view templates. It is listed as a plumbing fixture.

lloyd, Architect

Is this a Acad 3d file imported to Revit family file? If so, make sure it was imported to show up in all views.

Hot - Cold Water Cooler
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Where can I buy this lamp? I

Omar, Student • 2021

I can't find a place to buy this lamp anywhere, please help me find a place to purchase it.

Liz, Modlar Administrator

Hi Omar, This was a BIM object submitted by a user in 2017, so it might not be a current product for sale at the moment. It looks like it was from IKEA.

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How to use DWG CAD Blocks in

Crous, Architect • 2020

Hi i am downloading DWG block here and cannot use, why ??

TheCheesy, Architect

hello, my most loving subject is autocad. but i am stating this subject. please tell me about this. 1 More Answer

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How to use DWG CAD Block in

Crous, Architect • 2020

hi every one i download the dwg cad block form dwgfree but i don't know how i can use them. does any one can help me?