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Chrisley, Student • 2022


Liz, Modlar Administrator • 2022

Hi Ezatullah,

Unfortunately this brand has not provided us with Revit files.

You can find Revit files in two places on Modlar:
1. the products section has thousands of products with Revit files. Not all products have Revit files, though. If you want to only see products that have the right files, you can do a search and use the 'Formats' filter. Here is a blank search that will show you all products with Revit files:

2. The objects in our BIM/CAD Sharing section have been posted by users specifically to share with others. Many of these are Revit. Here is the link for that section:

If you are looking for even more Revit files, we also have a sister site called Bimsmith ( ) that will be very helpful.