how do I download the bim object I have saved in my folder to my project?


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Answers (3)

Jordania, Architect • 2019

Hi Beverly, Some families do not have hosting properties and are intentionally independent or "stand alone" families. After loading the family, you can add a reference plane for the element to host to, which I think this is the quickest solution. According to a revit forum search, you can load your family in a new hosted template and then link through the relevant parameters. I've not tried this myself, so I can't speak to the difficulty.

Beverly, Contractor • 2019

I did finally download the file, but when I bring it into my revit drawing it will not host to anything. I looked at the family and there are no hosting elements. Oh well. thanks anyway

Liz, Modlar Administrator • 2019

Hi Beverly, once you are ready to start downloading BIM files, you must open each product separately. If it has any files attached, you can see a 'Download Files' section on the right under the product description and you can use this to download the files. If there is no 'Download Files' section, then the product has no files to download. Let me know if you have any issues.