Disappointing -2D and 3D appearance of Miele BIM objects in ArchiCAD20

Just downloaded the ArchiCAD LCF (library container file) - ovens, steam oven and cooktops, from the Miele Australian website to use in ArchiCAD 20. The 'custom settings' display the models settings etc. correctly, however the objects 2D and 3D displayed appearance is just two blocks - solid black and transparent - with no added detailed . I would have thought that as a LCF file it should contain all the components to display the object correctly. Very disappointing.

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Answers (4)

Kyle, Architect • 2018

I have the objects from Miele BIM from several years ago before they were LCF containers and they were detailed to show exactly what the model of appliance looks like in 3D, the new ones currently available are a huge step backwards from the original set up and are basically useless.

PJ, Architect • 2017

I Just had the same experience. Incredibly disappointing. Add to this no DWG files for elevations etc.

Fernando, Architect • 2017

We are using ArchiCAD 19 and we only see two cubes in the library display window. One for the oven and another one for the clearances? It rendered as a balk box too.

Lucille N • 2017

Hi there, thank you for your feedback, we have passed this on to Miele Australia.