How are sensors connected to Facility Management Programs

Hi, I'm a seniour Civil Engineering student and I'm writing my thesis on integration of BIM and FM programs. Right now I'm working on the sensors and the data transfer from sensors to FM systems. Other than using BIM in 3D modelling programs, it is possbile to find different data for FM systems from differernt sources, such as obtaining temperature changes. I'm curious about the integration of these sensing device records and the FM systems. Howis this done? Which programs are used? Can you briefly explain the data transfer process from sensing devices to FM systems

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Henrique, Architect • 2016

Programs with platform for use BIM and BIM OPEN , Vectorworks is the most plastic, with a drawing engine based on Cinema4D and easy to use .
I use Vectorworks more than 8 years and not change.

Deon, Architect • 2016
BIM Interoperability and COBie BIM data exchange support
Where a direct integration between BIM and the facility management system is not available, the COBie (Construction Operations Building Information Exchange) BIM data exchange standard should be used to transfer information. COBie was developed by the buildingSMART alliance™ ( and provides a framework for the information attributes required for major building systems.
Users should be aware however that data will need to be validated after import since the source system is not integrated with the target system. FM:System's Integrated Workplace Manage Systems has a COBie data loader utility which provides a quick and accurate method for importing/exporting COBie directly into and out of the FM:Interact database.