Miscellaneous Photo Collections

One With Nature

Whether they're perched atop a hillside or sitting over a body of water, check out this collection of projects featuring some cutting-... VIEW NOW >


While Scandinavian architecture responds to a certain location and climate, their way of approaching design can be easily adapted anyw... VIEW NOW >

Look-A-Like Buildings

These buildings can be easily mistaken for another VIEW NOW >

Billion Dollar Developments

These projects came with a pretty serious price tag VIEW NOW >

Cantilevered Buildings

These houses and buildings are defying gravity VIEW NOW >

Stunning Stair Designs

Sometimes a staircase is just there to get people from one level to the next, and sometimes the stairs can become a major design eleme... VIEW NOW >

Blending Old and New

Whether it is to preserve a historical building or to save money and time on construction, these renovations manage to give new life t... VIEW NOW >

Sports Facilities

Whether it is a small community center or an urban building, sports facilities add so much value to its community and the neighborhood... VIEW NOW >

Contemporary Brazilian Architecture

Brazil is mostly known for its modernist architecture: Oscar Niemeyer, Lucio Costa, Paulo Mendes Da Rocha, and Lina Bo Bardi, but ther... VIEW NOW >

Indigenous Spaces

"Everyone doesn't have to do everything that the old Indians did in order to have a modern Indian identity. We don't have to have ever... VIEW NOW >

Yachts Designed by Architects

Architects have long been designing off land and on the sea VIEW NOW >

Extraordinary Parking Garages

Some of the coolest parking garages around the world VIEW NOW >

Coolest Playgrounds Designed by Architec...

Playgrounds and playscapes for both children and adults are getting increasingly adventurous, fun, and unique VIEW NOW >

Public Plazas

A collection of public plazas around the world VIEW NOW >

Public Toilets

Who said public toilets should be limited to standard stalls and can't be thoughtful and serve as an integral part of the community con... VIEW NOW >

Pier Architecture

Pier architecture shows innovative ways in which we can bring people closer to the water VIEW NOW >

Modern Churches

Churches designed for the 21st century VIEW NOW >

Buildings with Pixelation

Pixelation provides flexibility and endless possibilities from articulating planes to sculpting spaces, from hyper dense conditions to... VIEW NOW >

Layered Buildings

These buildings play with the notion of layers to create a more three-dimensional effect VIEW NOW >

The Architecture of 007

James Bond movies always include expensive cars, beautiful women... and amazing architecture VIEW NOW >

7 Unique Fire Stations

These fire stations have a progressive and modern design aesthetic VIEW NOW >

Stylish Government and Civic Buildings

Some of the most stylish buildings for the public sector VIEW NOW >

Public Swimming Pools

Here are 7 examples of urban public pools, from freshwater to seawater, designed to create a beautiful experience while being an iconi... VIEW NOW >

Built For Love

These six palaces and castles were built for love VIEW NOW >

Parametric Architecture

Applying algorithmic thinking processes to architecture VIEW NOW >

Kinetic Architecture

Dynamic facades that respond to interior and exterior conditions VIEW NOW >

Beautiful Bridges

These 7 beautiful bridges show how bridges can be designed keeping aesthetics in mind VIEW NOW >

Urban Seating

Designed to create vibrant pedestrian spaces, urban seating areas turn an ordinary public space into a secure and sociable environment VIEW NOW >

Magnificent Libraries

Some of the most amazing libraries around the world VIEW NOW >

Stadium Architecture

Stadium architecture is in a league of its own. Here is a curated list of stunning stadiums around the world VIEW NOW >