Sustainability Photo Collections

Vertical Gardens

A practical and impactful way to bring nature into places that are desperately lacking in greenery. Here are some amazing projects tha... VIEW NOW >

LEED Platinum

Here is a selection of architectural projects with a LEED Platinum certification VIEW NOW >


While Scandinavian architecture responds to a certain location and climate, their way of approaching design can be easily adapted anyw... VIEW NOW >


Here is a small selection of architectural projects that are LEED Gold certified VIEW NOW >

Off-The-Grid Homes

Here are some homes that are self-sufficient for people that want to go "off the grid" VIEW NOW >

Floating Architecture for Sustainability

Floating structures may play a vital part in the future of our society VIEW NOW >


Janine Benyus coined "biomimicry" in 1982 and defined it as "Biomimicry is an approach to innovation that seeks sustainable solutions t... VIEW NOW >

The Coolest Living Buildings

Green Buildings are the perfect marriage between man-made elements and natural landscapes VIEW NOW >


A look at how this sustainable material can be used in architecture VIEW NOW >

Utopian Sustainable Architecture

An architectural vision that evolves around a philosophy described as a pragmatic utopianism, combining everyday needs with feasible mo... VIEW NOW >

Post-Industrial Parks

Transforming abandoned and often toxic industrial infrastructure into vibrant new parks and event spaces VIEW NOW >

Net Zero-Energy Homes

Net Zero Energy Homes are high performance houses which are so energy efficient, that a renewable energy system can offset all or most... VIEW NOW >

Homes with Green Roofs

Green Roofs contribute to environmentally conscious building practices VIEW NOW >