Extreme Weather Photo Collections

Extreme Weather Architecture

These projects are designed to thrive in adverse climatic conditions and allow the resident to be comfortable in an otherwise hostile... VIEW NOW >

Warming Huts

Warming Huts are temporary winter art installations for Manitoba's annual cold winters. Selected huts from a competition are built and... VIEW NOW >

Tropical Architecture

Tropical Modernism is known for its wide, open spaces, increased ventilation, a focus on local resources, and building materials with... VIEW NOW >

Desert Houses

Designing for hot, arid climates can be challenging, but these dwellings show how barren lands can be inspiration for the homes built... VIEW NOW >

Modern Homes Built for Winters

Homes built to withstand winter conditions VIEW NOW >

Cold Region Hotels

With a holistic view of the natural surroundings, these hotels will lead you to the extraordinary experience by just staying in a hote... VIEW NOW >

Frozen Architecture

Six incredible buildings made from ice and snow VIEW NOW >

Drought Tolerant Landscaping Ideas

Showcasing ways people have used drought tolerant landscaping in different locations, arrangements and styles VIEW NOW >